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Paul Harris Fellow/Multiple Paul Harris Fellow   

Anyone who contributes - or in whose name is contributed - a gift of US$1,000 or more to the Annual Programs Fund may become a Paul Harris Fellow. Each new Paul Harris Fellow receives a commemorative certificate, a Paul Harris Fellow pin, and a medallion. Donors are eligible for Paul Harris Fellow recognition when their cumulative giving reaches US$1,000.  Donors may have multiple Paul Harris Fellowship awards.  Donors may also name others as the recipient of the award.

Go to Rotary International's web site to learn more about Paul Harris Fellowships.

Rotary Club of Morro Bay Sustaining Members

The Foundation Sustaining Member Program consists of a commitment to pay $100 for 10 years to obtain a Paul Harris Fellowship. The Rotary Club of Morro Bay has an established program to support members that wish to participate in this vital program.  The Rotary Club of Morro Bay will pay 25% of the annual $100 yearly contribution for all members who wish to participate.   

Rotary Club of Morro Bay Quartet Program

In 2000, a special program was established by the Rotary Club of Morro Bay to ease the entry of its members to becoming a Paul Harris Fellow. This program teams up 4 members (a "quartet") into a 4 year commitment of $250 per person. Each year of the quartet program, one of the quartet is choosen by random lot and recieves that years Paul Harris Fellowship. This has been a very successful program since its inception with over 20 members taking advantage of it.

To date, there have been 14 quartets established 8 of which that have already that have already completed their 4 year program. Here are all the quartet teams in the Rotary Club of Morro Bay.

Rotarians PDG Chungsam Doh and PP Rick Grantham administer these programs. Quartets are formed as members identify their desire to participate.  If you would like to join a quartet, please contact Chungsam by sending him an email at or contacting him directly at any club meeting.

Rotary Club of Morro Bay Paul Harris Fellows

The following lists the current members of the Rotary Club of Morro Bay, their living partners, relatives and friends who are Paul Harris Fellows.

Angus, Ruth Ann
Barrett*, Barbara
Barrett, Jack+
Beer, Scott
Bennett, Beryl*
Bennett, Sid+
Bingaman, Floyd
Borgardt, Phyllis
Brunner, Galen+
Brunner, Kelly*
Brunner-Nii, Pamela*
Bunting, Joyce
Clarke, Charles+
Clarke, Elizabeth*
Clarke, Gregory*
Clarke, Janet*
Clarke, Jonathan*
Clarke, Thomas*
Cook, Randall
Davidson, Duncan
Doh, Chungsam+
Doh, Sunae*
Doubledee, Donald+
Doubledee, Rebecca Anne*
Doubledee, Vivian*
Englund, Gary
Enoch, Gary
Fenderson, Arthur+
Fenderson, Mary*
Fortner, Heather
Ganes, Clyde
George, Barbara

Abdel-Fattah, Mouna*
Geroge, J. Keith+
George, Wendy*
Goschke, Steven
Grantham, Clair*
Grantham, Richard+
Habbal, Mohamed+
Hartzell, Gerald
Hay, Thomas
Hempenius, Gerald+
Hampenius, Ptricia*
Jones, Jeffery+
Kaufman, Gregg
Kitzman, Richard
Klinzman, Dave
Korisheli, Wachtang*+
Krystoff-Jones, June*
Leizear, Mary
Lemons, John
Lueker, Andrea
Roger, Marlin+
Marlin, Victoria*
Martin, Forrest
Martinez, Frank+
Martinez, Lois*
McElhinney, Stuart+
McElhinney, Susan*
McIntosh, Ron
Mendoza, Becky*
Mendoza, Nick+
Milburn, Walter+
Morgenstern, Kathleen*

Neumann, Robert
Norris, Nadine
Olivas, Tim
Owens, David
Owens, Gary+
Owen, Marlene*
Peter, Aglaja*
Peter, David+
Powell, Ken
Reddell, Dale+
Reddell, Dan
Riddell, Doug
Slamacha, Judy
Samarasena, Andy
Solu, John
Stevens, Barbara*
Stilts, Kennth+
Stollmyer, Ken
Sween, Steve
Thompson, Darrell
Robert, Warren+
Weiss, John+
Weiss, Victoria*
Williams, Alan

(+ Multiple PHF, * Non-member)

Rotary Club of Morro Bay - Active Quartets

Quartet 12 (est. Dec., 2004)

  • Phyllis Borgardt*
  • Paula McDougal*
  • Barbara George
  • David Owens*

Quartet 13 (est. August, 2004)

  • Nicholas Mendoza
  • Charles Clarke*
  • Forrest Martin
  • Chungsam Doh*

Quartet 14 (est. October, 2004)

  • Gary Enoch*
  • Dave Klinzman*
  • Roger Marlin
  • Mohamed Habbal*

Quartet 15 (est. March, 2005)

  • Dani Rodgers-Tope
  • Matt Gullage*
  • David Peter*
  • Mick Theis

Quartet 16 (est. July, 2005)

  • J. Keith George
  • Donald Doubledee*
  • Richard Kitzman
  • Gerald Hartzell*

Quartet 17 (est. October, 2005)

  • Steve Carnes
  • Mohamed Habbal*
  • Scott Beer
  • James Barnhart

Quartet 18 (est. July, 2006)

  • Sherry Sim
  • David Owens
  • J. Keith George
  • Jude Long

Quartet 19 (est Oct. 2006)

  • Michael Pond
  • John Lomison
  • John Lomison
  • Don Doubledee

Quartet 20 (est. Nov. 2006)

  •  Bob Hendrix
  • Gregg Kaufman
  • Rick Algert
  • Gary Englund  

Quartet 21 (est. July, 2007)

  • Jack Barrett
  • Heather Osgood
  • Sean Emerson
  • Kurt Steinmann

Quartet 22

  • Jack Barrett

Quartet 23


* denotes awarded PFH

Rotary Club of Morro Bay - Completed Quartets
Quartet 1
(est. in Nov., 2000)
  • Rupert Chowins
  • Chungsam Doh
  • Joe Loven
  • Nicholas Mendoza
Quartet 2
(est. Dec., 2000)
  • Thomas Hay
  • Charles Clarke
  • Jeffery Jones
  • Gary Owens
Quartet 3
(est. Dec., 2000)
  • Mohamed Habbal
  • Roger Marlin
  • David Howell
  • James Maul
Quartet 4
(est. Jan., 2001)
  • Donald Doubledee
  • Adrea Lueker
  • Sid Stuart
  • Steven Sween
Quartet 5
(est. Jan., 2001)
  • Patty James
  • Matt Clevenger
  • Margaret O'Neill
  • Kim Kimball
Quartet 6
(est. Jan., 2001)
  • Stuart McElhinney 
  • Forrest Martin
  • Mehmet Solu
  • Matt Gullage
Quartet 7
(est. Feb., 2001)
  • Dani Nicholson
  • Lauri Kleim
  • Pete Zotovich (dropped out)
  • Robert Warren
Quartet 8
(est. October, 2001)
  • John Weiss
  • Keith George
  • Jack Barrett
  • Pat Comerford (dropped out)

Quartet 9

( March, 2002)

  • Richard Grantham
  • Steven Goschke
  • Jack Barrett
  • Clyde Ganes


Quartet 10 (Feb., 2003)

  • Ronald Macintosh
  • Keith Powell
  • Nadine Norris
  • Geroge Bomley (dropped out)
Quarttet 11 (est. Feb., 2003)
  • Alan Williams
  • Galen Bruner
  • Judy Salamacha
  • Kenneth Stollmeyer