Notes from our August 22nd Rotary Meeting

Posted by Elsie Casida
AUGUST 22, 2017
Meeting called to order by President Pete
Invocation by Michael Shaffron
Pledge of Allegiance:  Jude
Song:   “Take me out to the Ballgame”
Joke:   Pete
Guests of Rotarians:     Claire Grantham
Guest Rotarians: Sherry Sims who made an announcement about the pancake breakfast in Cayucos on Labor Day; Chef Dan will be doing the cooking; sausages are donated by Dorn’s.  Ruth Ann who introduced our special speaker - Dr. Raffy Dorian.  Janice Peters who made an announcement about the plays at the Episcopal Church, By the Sea Productions; 2 classic thrillers will be performed September 1-3.   
Gary Dove and Jim Quesenberry from the Los Osos Club were here to announce their Family Fun Fair “Old Goats and Little Kids”.  It is an Annual Event celebrating Grandparent’s Day, September 10 at the South Bay Community Center in Los Osos.    Admission Free!!!
Mike Pond said he has injured his shoulder, so if someone else could head up the roundabout cleaning,  that would be good, otherwise we will wait until Mike is ready to come back.   We had several volunteers, so we will clean up this coming Saturday.
Jamie passed around a sign-up sheet for our meeting on September 12th.   If you plan to attend, please sign up.   We will NOT be at the View.   We will be meeting and eating at the Fire Station and then will walk over to the library to see the renovations there.   We need to know how many sandwiches to order from the Brickhouse BBQ.    We will also have chips and cookies.  Yum!!
Pete has compiled a list of all the things our Rotary Club is currently doing and many things we did in the past.  There was a copy of this list on the tables. It is quite impressive and needs to be passed out in the community so people are aware of what we do.
Jamie also passed around the Margarita Festival sign-up sheet again.   Though we have many sign ups, we still need more in order to get 10% of the gate.   Sign up if you have not, or let Jamie know when you are available. 
This month is Membership Month in Rotary.  Bring visitors to our meetings.
In two weeks the survey will come out again.   Last time we only had 29% participation.  Please take time (2 minutes) to participate in this survey.
Sara Ketchum accepted a check in the amount of $750.00 on behalf of the Estero Bay Youth Community Foundation.  100% of all funds go back into the community.    They mostly help children who cannot afford to participate in sports and after school care.  The Foundation pays up to 70% of the fees.   They have a fundraiser coming up – “Morro Bay Sings” featuring songs from the Eagles.  This year’s event will be held on October 14th. 
This week we passed the bucket around to start a bank account for Rich Reidel’s new grand baby.   She received $155.00 which Rich will match to start a savings account. 
Ruth Ann introduced Raffy Dorian, the mobile vet in Morro Bay.  He studied Animal Science at Cal Poly, where he had a lot of hands on training.   He went on to U Davis where he chose to study both large and small animals. He had worked in San Diego for 15 years, but always wanted to come back to this area so he and his wife decided to sell everything and move up here and offer mobile services.   He can offer anything you can get at a regular clinic.  His average time with a patient is 1/2 hour or more.  He has a surgery center at his home as well as x-ray and ultra sound equipment.  He picks up the pet, takes him to the center and brings him back the next day.  He is on the Veterinary Medical Board and works with the American Humane, which means he is called upon to go to movie sets to monitor the treatment of animals – once he even had to monitor the treatment of a snail!!
50/50 drawing won by Matt……again
Next week’s speaker will be Erica Crawford of the Morro Bay Chamber.  See you then!!
Lighted Boat Parade Meeting next Tuesday at 11:00