Posted by Elsie Casida on May 10, 2018
MAY 8, 2018
MEETING called to order by Prez Pete
Invocation by:   Michael Shaffran
Pledge to the Flag led by Prez Pete
Four Way Test Recited
Joke by Prez Pete
Visiting Rotarians:
Don Goodpastor from East Fresno Rotary
Judy introduced Jim Brescia, Ed.D., the County Superintendent of Schools 
Rich Reidel brought his wife, Linda
Foundation Fiesta was an informative evening with the main speaker being a man whose mother contracted polio when her three children were young.    She was in an iron lung for 14 years while she raised her children with the help of four nurses who worked around the clock.
June 16th is step down for John in Santa Ynez.
Jamie had golf tournament announcements; we have 14 foursomes playing; dinner and awards afterwards.  Still need people to help sell raffle tickets after the tournament.  Golfers check in at 1:00, golf starts at 2:30;  dinner at about 5:00pm.
Max got an award for being an “Academic Junior”.   His last baseball game is in Santa Ynez on Friday.  He and one of the RYLA girls worked at the Car Show on Sunday.
Judy said the Maritime Museum had a sneak peek event a week ago and had a good turn-out.  They are raising money to complete the exhibit and interior work by selling bricks that will be laid in front of the museum.  Let Judy know if you would like to buy a brick. 
June 3rd is a VERY MERRY UNBIRTHDAY for Garden House.  Dinner is served from 4-6pm with other activities starting at 3pm.  Tickets are $20 with all proceeds going to help build the Garden Houses Wonder Garden.
   Ken and Mike Pond made a Paul Harris Fellowship presentation to Rich Reidel, who is always willing to help with all of our events, including putting in many, many, many hours on the Santa House.  Thank you , Rich!!!
Pete drew for a free Paul Harris Fellowship square on the board; it was won by John Solu.  
Pete told us the story of how the song, “A Spoonful of Sugar” came to be written for the Mary Poppin's movie.
Jamie’s birthday is May 15th so she was wished a Happy Birthday and fined $10.00; Heidi paid the fine since it is also her husband’s birthday.
Gary Englund and Sarah were fined $20.00 for not knowing the answer to a Kentucky Derby racing question.  Eric answered correctly but was still fined $10.00.  Jeff Jones fined $20.00 for an incorrect answer. 
Dr. Jim Brescia was our speaker, he is the County Superintendent of Schools.   There are 80 individual school buildings in our county, with Parkfield being the smallest school with an enrollment of six students.  Some of the schools have dormitory facilities for the teachers, which were really practical at one time, but are not used much in today’s world.  The mission of the SLO County Partners in Education is to create seamless pathways for career and college readiness.  They are very aware of the importance of providing training for students that will lead to jobs after graduation.  Thank you, Dr. Brescia for this interesting talk.
Jamie won the 50/50.....Happy Birthday!!
Have a nice Mother’s Day!!    Come back next week.