Posted on Nov 29, 2018
NOV 26, 2018
Jude opened the meeting with......... WE MAKE WAVES
Kasey gave the invocation
Santa Don led the Pledge to the Flag
Guests of Rotarians...Dan brought his lovely wife, Linda, and his mother, Brit Sullivan; John Weiss brought Jeff Heller; Judy introduced Doug Garland, our speaker and Brian Shorts who was with him.
Visiting Rotarians:   Fred LoBue, who is a member of the Visalia Downtown Rotary.
John Weiss announced that while he did not win in his bid for mayor, he is grateful for the support he received from many of us.  He also announced the death of Clyde Ganes, a former member of our Rotary Club.  Jeff Jones shared a few thoughts about Clyde and how he would come out when there was a fire, to make sure it was safe for the firemen, and also mentioned his great sense of humor.  Mike Pond also talked a few minutes about Clyde and his ability to raise funds for Sri Lanka.  John Solu met Clyde in 2002 when he was doing a remodel and was “red tagged” by him, but then Clyde came along, on the weekend no less, to help with his project.  Jude had worked for him when she first came to Morro Bay in the early 70’s at Thrifty.  His Memorial Service will be Jan 12th in at the Paso Robles Fair Grounds, more information to follow.
Matt said we still have two slots on the 6th and the 13th for Salvation Army bell ringers at Albertsons and all day the 20th is still open.   Let Matt know if you are able to help.
Bill Pierce said in the aftermath of the Camp fire, there are many animals that need to be taken care of by veterinarians.  We passed the bucket and collected $304.00 that will be sent to the appropriate organization to help with these unfortunate little critters.
Still looking for a host family for Chiara, from December to February.
Dan Costly made announcements about the Lighted Boat Parade and the Santa House.  We have made arrangements to use the space where the Off the Hook restaurant used to be for those who want to spend time during the Lighted Boat Parade in a warm and cozy spot.  The cost per ticket is $10 which will get you munchies and comfort; there will also be an open bar if you need a little extra boost of warmth.  We still need a few more cookies, which we will be selling along with hot choc and coffee.  We need help starting at 4pm on Saturday to set up and also need more help to sell cookies etc. on Saturday night.  Right now we are a “go”, but if there are heavy winds etc., we will have to cancel.  John Lindsey will help us and keep us informed about that.     John Weiss will be our announcer.  Thanks to Don Doubledee who looks great and will be a great Santa.  We also need a helper for Santa every night, because we will be selling picture frames in the Santa House.  
Scott Collins said the MB Fire Department will be hosting KSBY’s Seasons of Hope on Monday Dec 3rd.  KSBY will be there filming so we hope many of our club members will be there as well.  Join them at the station at about 5:45.
Douglas Garland was our speaker today with the topic of “The Tall Poppy Syndrome”.  Doug was a doctor in Orthopedics specializing in spinal cord injuries.  Good envy is if your neighbor gets a new car, and you want to work harder so you can get one too.  Bad envy is when your neighbor gets a new car, your desire is to key it.  He had a lot to say about TPS in many countries as well as in the U.S.; while the Tall Poppy Syndrome is widely known in other countries, it’s a relatively new concept in the U.S. – even though we probably “live” the syndrome more than anywhere else.  The main thought is “life is not always fair” your best, follow the Rotary Four Way Test, rejoice with those who rejoice, cry with those who are crying and help those in need.   
50/50 was won by Jeff Jones.
Jude closed the meeting with Thankful Thoughts Awareness.  Be aware of things that are going RIGHT in our lives, from the moment we wake up, if we can see, hear, move, think, etc......then we are truly Blessed.  AND ...We live in this wonderful place...check out the waves today!!