Notes from our September 12th & 19th Rotary Meetings

Posted by Elsie Casida
September 12, 2017
Morro Bay Fire Station
We had a wonderful lunch provided by Meredith of the Brickhouse BBQ followed by an informative talk by Fire Marshall, Matt Vierra.   Those who wanted to, were given a tour of the facility.
Jude then gave a short presentation about the Morro Bay Library.   Jude is a retired librarian and is now a member of the Friends of the Library.    We walked across the street and were given a tour of the library.  
September 19, 2017
Mike Pond opened our meeting in Prez Pete’s absence.    Meet and Great time, find out something new about the people at your table.  It was Matt Franklin‘s birthday, he was fined $20.00.
Invocation by Michael Shaffron
Flag salute by Jan Lewis
Guests of Rotarians:   Claire Grantham who will be giving flu shots at our October 3rd meeting.   Lorraine’s guest, Peter Starling.
Judy announced that the Garden House is having a fund raiser on October 15th with lots of food, music, and good times!!
Doug brought boxes for vets…. $17.35 each box…. Very much appreciated by veterans receiving them. 
District Conference is coming up…..we have a good representation of attending members from our club. 
Bill Peirce made announcement about Shelter Boxes for people affected by the recent Hurricanes.  If you want to help hurricane victims, it is a good organization.  Email or call Bill with your thoughts about what you would like to do to help with hurricane relief.  Dan is still working on having a pancake breakfast to raise funds for the relief efforts as well.
Interact Club Rush is Thursday at 12:20 at the high school….we had several volunteers step up to be there since Melissa is not going to be able to attend. 
Fines:   Chuck for having his picture in a magazine was fined $20.00;  Every LBP committee member who didn’t show for meeting today was fined $5.00; Rick Grantham had HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the jumbo-tron at the Rams game, and Claire for sitting with Eric Dickerson on a train was fined $35.00; Nick is going to Europe for 3 weeks was fined $10.00; Jamie for having golf clubs in her car was fined $10.00.
Craft talk by Mary Leizear - introduced by Rick Grantham…  Mary started dog sitting when she was still working, so when she  retired she had a side job.   She was concerned that she would become a “little old lady with no money who can’t go anywhere” so dog sitting has been a great way for her to earn vacation money and meet wonderful people and dogs/cats.   When she sits for Rick and Claire’s family, Rick makes sure there is food in the refrigerator.   She loves to travel so it helps pay for her many wonderful trips.
Mike Pond was the next speaker providing information as John’s Assistant District Governor.  The hierarchy is there are four Executive Assistant Governors, then there is the Assistant District Governor, a Club’s President is next and then the Club’s members.  Mike said he enjoys seeing what is going on in each of the ten clubs he oversees.   He makes sure each club makes goals for the year and then works to accomplish them.   He is also a troubleshooter for the clubs.   He has Club 11 meetings with all ten club presidents and himself which has been very beneficial.      He also drives John around and introduces him at meetings - one time when it was 119 degrees out!!   The Assistant District Governors and the Executive District Governors select the District Governor Elect.
50/50 won by Andrea Turnquist.
See you next week.   ECasida