Notes from our September 5th Rotary Meeting

Invocation by Dan Costley
Flag Salute by Nancy
Song was “ROTARY”
Pete’s Joke ….. a sad one about a poor old mule
Guests of Rotarians: 
Lorraine’s friend….Peter Starling
John Solu brought his wife, Joni
Visiting Rotarians:
Irene and Bill Wells from San Diego
Barbara Hinckle from Fresno
Pete said Max is doing great in school and all other aspects of his life.  His first water polo match is coming soon.  He eats a lot and Loves desserts. 
Next week we will be at the Fire Station ….Jamie passed around the sign-up sheet.   You can choose chicken, tri tip or salad.  
Doug brought boxes to send to our troops… costs $17.35 to send, and is very appreciated by those who receive them.   Each box contains special items requested by a veteran.
John Weiss will be doing a speech at Rotaract tonight at 6:00 in SLO we are all encouraged to attend.
The Avocado/Margarita Festival is this weekend.   If you signed up, you should have received an email by now to let you know where to go and who to connect with on Saturday.  If you haven’t, contact Jamie immediately.
Along with our help, Dan will be organizing a pancake breakfast on the September 16th to raise money for the Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts.    It will be at St. Josephs Hall …..start serving at 8:00am.   Pancake batter has been donated by Carla’s Kitchen.   Come, help, eat and donate to the cause. 
Judy introduced our speaker today….Glenn Silloway who is the President of the Historical Society….   
He relayed some history about Franklin Riley and his family, the founder of Morro Bay.    Their original home was located on the corner of Morro Bay Blvd and Main Street.   He planted many Eucalyptus trees to use as wind breaks   Franklin and Hannah Riley lived here the rest of their lives and were buried in the cemetery in Cayucos.   The proposed location of the proposed Franklin Riley Park is on Morro and Olive above Tidelands Park.  There is a walkway from the park down to Tidelands.  The Society needs support from Morro Bay residents so if you are interested in helping financially or other ways, you can Google Morro Bay Historical Society and contact them.    Mary says she is a member of the society and they only have quarterly, painless and FUN potluck meetings.   There are openings on the board as well …… they can always use new ideas and energy.  The MBHSA is having a Community Party to inform residents about the use of Cerrito Peak on Saturday September 16 from 2-5 at that location.  All are welcome.
Next meeting at the Fire Department and Library
50/50 drawing was won by Dale Reddell. 
See you next week at the Fire Station…