Posted by Elsie Casida on Dec 14, 2018
December 11, 2018
President Jude called the meeting to order with an announcement that we have two presentations today - the Morro Bay High School Choir and Michelle Roust with the Winter Bird Festival.
Invocation by Nick
Pledge to the Flag by Dale
Sent around the bucket to collect tips for the wait staff; we’ll be sending it around next week too – bring some extra cash!!!
Next was the Morro Bay High School Choir led by Holly Banfield, who coincidentally was a recipient of one of our scholarships.  Holly led them in a nice selection of Christmas carols; we even joined in on the chorus of Jingle Bells and it sounded quite beautiful.  We gave them a standing ovation and a check in the amount of $250.
Chalk one up for the President for being adaptable when we have a surprise...........two presentations on one day!
When Jude wanted to know what record was broken last weekend on the football field; Jeff Jones said there was an attendance record broken in soccer – the original “Futbol”, for which he was fined $20.  Actually, it was a football record she was talking about - who knew?  Army/Navy game .....Chuck wanted us to know Army won.
Pete brought avocados for sale with proceeds going to our MB Rotary Foundation.  He also talked with Max and said he is doing great.
Katherine introduced Michelle Roust, who is the Co-chair of the Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival, which is being held on Jan 18 -21.  The Brant geese come to MB to eat the eel grass, which is one of the reasons it is a protected area.  They fly like geese and honk like geese but they are smaller.   Every Martin Luther King weekend, well over 500 birders visit Morro Bay.  We are right on the pacific flyway for birds that are passing on to go south and then pass by again on their way home, so it is a great place to have a Festival.  Bird Watching is a National pastime; birding can be quite expensive as “good glass” (binoculars) and travel adds up.   Many of the Birders will go to Pacific Wildlife to hold a baby bird and see how the birds are cared for.  On average, the Bird Festival will attract over 575 people; many of whom are not from this area.  The cost for the entire weekend is only $85.  The Festival bazaar will be at the Community Center, where there will be a “Birds of Morro Bay” quilt fundraiser, tee shirts, and other works of art.  The Festival works exclusively with local business: restaurants, hotels, winery’s, printers, etc.  This is a great area for birds since we have small population, and varied grass lands, estuary etc.  The Festival website is   Over 500 people have already signed up for next year.   International Audubon Society Bird Count is this Saturday.
Jack Keely won the 50/50
Jude shared a couple of inspirational quotes.   “Remember that your natural state is Joy”.  Rudyard Kipling “Delight in the little things”.
See you next week with whatever presentation Jude and Judy come up with.