Posted by Elsie Casida on Jan 18, 2019
JAN 15, 2019
MEETING called to order by Ken Casida who was today’s co-host
INVOCATION by Melissa with a quote by Martin Luther King
KEN led us in WE MAKE WAVES (3 times with enthusiasm)
John Weiss introduced us to his guest, Ron, who spends part time in Morro Bay and part time in Kansas.
Clyde Gains Celebration of Life was last Saturday; Jeff said Clyde was remembered by the group, as several of our members were present.
Crab Feed coming up on Saturday, April 6th’ Jude is hopeful that everyone will find a place to be of service during this event.   
Friday, May 10th is the Annual Golf Tournament, here at the Golf Course.
Rotary Membership training is being held in Pismo Beach on March 9th; if Don can go and take someone with him, that would be great.
District Training will be held on March 16th in Oxnard; Melissa should take her board and Jude will be taking hers.
RYLA has six students signed up that are being sponsored by our Club.
June 29th is the step down for Sandi Schwartz in Simi Valley.
We had a presentation earlier this year from Education Partner with Businesses and they mentioned that they might want some of us to participate in mock interviews with students; the event will be held on February 6th at Cuesta College if anyone would like to participate.
We passed the bucket to collect money to buy gift cards to give to the neediest members of the Coast Guard in our area.   We collected $224.  
Nelson Pamplona educated us about the stock market, since he works at Edward Jones.  For the past few years we have been seeing a large increase in the market but it has been going the other way for the past few months.  The Border Wall, our relationship with China, natural disasters, and other things are causing the sell off at this time.  However, this may be a good time to buy, since prices are low.  Bonds might be a good option at this time.  He will be meeting with a PG&E client on Friday and hopefully will find out more about what they plan to do about Diablo.
The Board will be meeting tomorrow morning here at the View at 7:30. 
The Four Way Test essay contest will start on February 1st and has to be done on March 1st.    Andrea Turnquist is looking forward to meeting with Del Mar teachers and getting that started.
Melissa gave a Craft Talk; she has been in Rotary for five years and has a Massage business here in Morro Bay.  Her grandpa was a member of MB Rotary, and she grew up here.  Melissa has been married since 2012 and has a child Stella, who is a Jr. Rotarian.  She had several questions that she asked and answer herself, so that we could get to know her better.  She hates it when someone uses the word “Expecially”, because there is no “X” in the word.  So, I’m sure we will be ‘expecially’ sure not to use that word when she is President.  Her ideal way to spend a weekend is to go camping and just hangout on the beach, with family and friends.  She loves dogs and hates cats.  She chooses to be an optimist.  She is now the General Manager at the Pizza Port, and still will be doing Massage Therapy. 
Our “Mystery Guest” was Walter, Jude’s Black lab stuffed animal support dog, who seemed to have a digestion problem.  Sometimes Jude “wings it” and sometimes she does “triage”.   She loved being a Librarian and certainly is not the stereotypical librarian as she was known as the “Iron Fist with a Velvet Glove”.  She liked being the Reference Person and she loved telling stories to the children.  She has lived in Los Osos since 1975.  Her husband, Gordon, is getting ready to retire and they are looking forward to being together full time - at least they think they are looking forward to it.
Lynn Sonne/Farmstead Education Program and Member, and Tally Farms will be our program next week, with a box of fresh veggies to auction off.
John Solu’s wife, Joan was named the Citizen of the Year by the Chamber and Kitzman Culligan Water was named Business of the Year.  Congratulations to our Rotarians for making such a difference in Morro Bay!!  
50/50 was won by Matt Franklin