....MARCH 5, 2019
Meeting called to order by Co-host Katherine, who also gave the Invocation.
Flag Salute led by Lorraine
Visiting Rotarians:   Sherry Sim from Cayucos
Guests of Rotarians:   Judy introduced Paul Deis, who was our speaker.  It was nice to have Tim Olivas, a friend to many of us and a Club member, with us today.  Robert and Lynn Enns and Barry Branin, friends of Tom Rost as well as his wife, Carole, were here to see Tom welcomed into our Club.  
We passed around signups for help with the Crab Feed, Car Show and Golf Tournament.  
Pete mentioned that for the past several years, he and Mike Williams has run a March Madness Pool with the winner getting a Paul Harris Fellow.  Our club members can “buy” a bracket for $20, fill it out or have Pete or Mike fill it out and follow along with the tournament results.    He asked - do we want to do it?   A raise of hands showed that we are interested in participating, so Pete and Mike will get the brackets ready for us to fill out.  March Madness – Here we come!!! 
Katherine put a couple of things on the tables, including a flyer about the MB City-wide Yard Sale on April 6th.   This year there will not be a charge to have your name listed on the map.  It is on the same day as our Crab Feed which last year was a good thing; we had several people come to eat crab feed after shopping all day.  
There will be a lunch workshop at the Inn at Morro Bay entitled “Learn how to Access Capital for your Small Business” tomorrow, March 6th. 
Pete has tickets for the upcoming Crab Feed; we have two or three tables sold already.  We are still looking for larger silent auction items.  It will be held on Saturday, April 6th; we’re hoping that those who purchase tickets will fill out their email address so we can send out an email next year to keep them informed about our Crab Feed.
Nick was next to talk about our golf tournament being held on Friday, May 10th.  We have sponsorship entry forms and participant forms to fill out if you would like to Pay or Play.  We need “goodie bag items” to include towels, chap sticks, or anything else that can be put in a bag and given to each golfer.  
The Car Show is also coming up the first weekend in May; we will need help there as well.   Greg Hardcastle and Steve Carnes are working on this event which we are a big benefactor of – we’re hopeful members will sign up to help with registration, information, bbq and/or clean up.
Tom Rost and Dean Sullivan came up to be inducted into our Club.  Tom’s wife and friends came up with him for this special ceremony.  Welcome to the Club Tom and Dean!!  Let’s all make an effort get to know our newest members!!
Judy came up to introduce our speaker, Paul Deis.  Jude has known Paul since she was new in town and met him while he was painting the library many years ago.  He is a full-time advocate of Global Climate Change.  He has worked for the City of Morro Bay, the State and the Red Cross managing disasters.  After working in the solar industry for a while, he decided he would rather volunteer his time to something he believes in.  He has worked alongside Al Gore on Climate Change.  Every day we make several decisions - he wants us to think a little differently as we make decisions concerning the environment.  There are more large storms with more warm water and the intensity of the storms is greater than it used to be.  Hotter years typically have more fires.  Solutions include:  Wind energy, solar, and other types of renewable energy; try driving slower, keep air in your tires, and combine errands.  In the grocery store, choose the fruit and vegetables that are in the bins, rather than the ones that are in plastic non-reusable bags that will be put in landfills.  We need to help other nations thereby making a difference in the world.  Thanks to Paul for his informative talk.   I’m glad he likes to eat steak!
Jamie won the 50/50.
Next week we will have craft talks.....come and learn more about two of our members.