Posted by Elsie Casida on Oct 25, 2018
October 23, 2018
President Jude called the meeting to order.....WE MAKE WAVES!!!
Invocation by:  Dan Costley
Pledge to the flag led by Pete Z.
Guests of Rotarians:  Lynne Enns was here to give flu shots; Melissa brought her friend, Jillian Montgomery; our Rotary Exchange student Chiara; Steve K brought Fire Marshall Matt Viera. 
Katherine sent around a signup sheet for the social we are having at Brickhouse BBQ on the 30th of October between 5 and 7 pm.  Come meet and greet Chiara and give best wishes to Jan who will be moving to Visalia to open up a candy shop there.
Melissa sent around a signup sheet for the open up and lock up of Santa House during the Winterfest, the details on keys etc. will be forthcoming; and Dan C sent around a sponsor signup for the Lighted Boat Parade.  He said we will be roofing and painting the House soon.   The Lighted Boat Parade is being held on December 1, 2018.
Salvation Army Bell Ringing is our other holiday project; Matt Franklin is heading it up.   Signups will be for 2 hour shifts at the door of Albertsons; look to sign up soon.
Steve Carnes came up to say we are slowly getting geared up for the car show next May.  He presented Pres Jude a check in the amount of $7,000 for the work our Club did for the car show this year......good job to all who helped!!   What a great fund raiser!!
Melissa was fined $20 for announcing that she is in charge of sponsorship for the car show next year..........??
Greg Hardcastle was fined $20 because he and Gretchen went to France for two weeks; Tom Hay was fined $20 because he was a fan of both teams that are in the World Series; Chuck was fined $20 because he is a fan of the Dodgers; Jan was fined $20 even though her dad, Glen, played for the Red Sox Organization.  Mary was fined $20 because she answered one of Jude’s trivia questions; Tom Hay, it seems, was the most knowledgeable baseball fan in our group.   Bill Pierce says his left knee is healing but his rotator cuff is not.  He bought a white Ford Edge so was fined $20.....regardless of the number of cup holders.
Judy came up and introduced our speaker, John Lindsey, who said he is very proud of the efforts of the Morro Bay residents who stepped up to build the Maritime Museum and who want to bring in an aquarium.  He started by explaining El Niño, which we have all heard a lot about.  The prediction is that we will have above average temperatures as well as above average rainfall for the next year.  He believes the jet stream causes the warm water spots in the ocean.  He says it looks like there will be lots of rainfall between Halloween and Thanksgiving, which is great for the firemen who desperately need a break..........It has been a long, hard fire season.  In order for a hurricane to flourish, the water needs to be over 80 degrees.  Someone asked if his job is in jeopardy because Diablo is closing.  He said he will be happy to retire in a couple of years, and there is always something to do.  The power plant is not needed like it has been in the past because of solar panels, and more efficient uses of electricity.  Diablo has furnished 10% of electricity for the state, and 33% for their service area.   Chief Knuckles thanked John for always being available to give information when they are out fighting fires.  They will be putting in many weather stations in our area.  By Monday we might see gale force winds on the coast line.  “So there you Go!!”.
One more prediction from John...........the Red Sox will win the series.
50/50 was won by Steve Carnes.
Next week will be Pacific Wildlife.....always a favorite.    Come and see what interesting animal or bird they bring this time.