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Welcome to Rotary Club of Morro Bay!

Welcome to Rotary Club of Morro Bay!

Morro Bay

Service above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 11:30 AM
Morro Bay Golf Course
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Service Above Self

Join the Rotary Club of Morro Bay at their 3rd Annual All-You-Can-Eat Crab Feed Fundraiser benefiting our local communities and non-profits. This grand feast includes succulent fresh Dungeness crab, salads and hot garlic bread with delicious desserts available for $2.00. Beer, wine, sodas and water are provided with donations appreciated. Winners will be announced for the Silent Auction, Door Prizes and 50/50 Drawing!

Doors open at 5 p.m. Saturday, April 4, 2020 at the Morro Bay Community Center located at 1001 Kennedy Way in Morro Bay with dinner served from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $60.00 per person and can be purchased by contacting Pete Zotovich (805) 748-0824 or Jude Long (805) 440-6541. Reserved tables for 8 or 10 are available at $55.00 per person.

March 12, 2019
Pete Z, who was our co-host, called the meeting to order.
Invocation by Dan Costley
Pledge to the Flag by Mike Williams
Visiting Rotarians:   Christine Weiss from Sunset Club; Leonard Moothart from the Los Osos Club, and Gail Riley, who is a member of the Visalia Club, but now lives in Morro Bay, and was invited to our Club by Pete Starlings.
Guests of Rotarians:   Jill, who is Christine’s Asst.; John’s parents, Dick and Barbara Weiss;  John “Woody” Wordsworth, the Manager at Coast Electronics; and Junior Rotarian, Stella.
Pete Z. unveiled our Club’s brand new banners, including “Rotary Club of Morro Bay”, “Rotary Cub Morro Bay Awards”, and “Rotary Club of Morro Bay Past District Governors”.   They are very nice looking and have room to sew on many more awards etc.
Mike Williams made an announcement about the PHF March Madness Pool.  Be ready next Tuesday with your $20 in hand to buy a bracket!!
Crab Feed Update - Pete said he has given over 160 tickets to our members - Let’s get out there and sell those tickets!!   Jamie has tickets for you to pick up; there’s a slight discount if a table of 8 or 10 is bought.
May 10th is the Annual MB Rotary Golf Tournament.   We are still in need players, sponsors and raffle items; sign up for something - you will love it!!
Fine Master for March is Nick - he started with Steve Carnes for $25, Dave Owens for $35, Dale Reddell for $25, Michael Shaffran for $25, Pete Starlings for $25, and Mike Williams for $10.
Heidi shared with us that she and her son Noah are planning to go to France to see Max, after touring Europe for a month.
John Weiss was our speaker who was asked to provide us with an “Epic Talk”.  He was District Governor in 2017-2018 which included many, many visits to clubs in our district.  He raided his “Rotary Basement” and then passed around gifts including basketballs that were signed by different clubs that he visited during his term, as well as a cool basketball sculpture with a John Wooden saying, a 5240 uniform, a scary mask, a basketball hoop, etc...  He also has been to many conventions and meetings all over the world.    He had two major surgeries while he was DG and along with the encouragement of MANY, never missed a Rotary step!  He found out as he made this journey with his health, that Rotarians care about other Rotarians, as Deepa, Sandi Scwartz, and other club members in our district and Club, were there to support him and be his driver when he was unable to do it himself.  Bill Pierce was the first person to encourage John to be the District Governor.  Thanks John, for another interesting presentation.
50/50 won by Doug Riddell, who brought boxes for the troops to mail - please pick one up!!
Our program next week will be Mayor John Headding - his subject will be the Outlook for MB in 2019/2020
Jude gave an inspirational thought about peace.
....MARCH 5, 2019
Meeting called to order by Co-host Katherine, who also gave the Invocation.
Flag Salute led by Lorraine
Visiting Rotarians:   Sherry Sim from Cayucos
Guests of Rotarians:   Judy introduced Paul Deis, who was our speaker.  It was nice to have Tim Olivas, a friend to many of us and a Club member, with us today.  Robert and Lynn Enns and Barry Branin, friends of Tom Rost as well as his wife, Carole, were here to see Tom welcomed into our Club.  
We passed around signups for help with the Crab Feed, Car Show and Golf Tournament.  
Pete mentioned that for the past several years, he and Mike Williams has run a March Madness Pool with the winner getting a Paul Harris Fellow.  Our club members can “buy” a bracket for $20, fill it out or have Pete or Mike fill it out and follow along with the tournament results.    He asked - do we want to do it?   A raise of hands showed that we are interested in participating, so Pete and Mike will get the brackets ready for us to fill out.  March Madness – Here we come!!! 
Katherine put a couple of things on the tables, including a flyer about the MB City-wide Yard Sale on April 6th.   This year there will not be a charge to have your name listed on the map.  It is on the same day as our Crab Feed which last year was a good thing; we had several people come to eat crab feed after shopping all day.  
There will be a lunch workshop at the Inn at Morro Bay entitled “Learn how to Access Capital for your Small Business” tomorrow, March 6th. 
Pete has tickets for the upcoming Crab Feed; we have two or three tables sold already.  We are still looking for larger silent auction items.  It will be held on Saturday, April 6th; we’re hoping that those who purchase tickets will fill out their email address so we can send out an email next year to keep them informed about our Crab Feed.
Nick was next to talk about our golf tournament being held on Friday, May 10th.  We have sponsorship entry forms and participant forms to fill out if you would like to Pay or Play.  We need “goodie bag items” to include towels, chap sticks, or anything else that can be put in a bag and given to each golfer.  
The Car Show is also coming up the first weekend in May; we will need help there as well.   Greg Hardcastle and Steve Carnes are working on this event which we are a big benefactor of – we’re hopeful members will sign up to help with registration, information, bbq and/or clean up.
Tom Rost and Dean Sullivan came up to be inducted into our Club.  Tom’s wife and friends came up with him for this special ceremony.  Welcome to the Club Tom and Dean!!  Let’s all make an effort get to know our newest members!!
Judy came up to introduce our speaker, Paul Deis.  Jude has known Paul since she was new in town and met him while he was painting the library many years ago.  He is a full-time advocate of Global Climate Change.  He has worked for the City of Morro Bay, the State and the Red Cross managing disasters.  After working in the solar industry for a while, he decided he would rather volunteer his time to something he believes in.  He has worked alongside Al Gore on Climate Change.  Every day we make several decisions - he wants us to think a little differently as we make decisions concerning the environment.  There are more large storms with more warm water and the intensity of the storms is greater than it used to be.  Hotter years typically have more fires.  Solutions include:  Wind energy, solar, and other types of renewable energy; try driving slower, keep air in your tires, and combine errands.  In the grocery store, choose the fruit and vegetables that are in the bins, rather than the ones that are in plastic non-reusable bags that will be put in landfills.  We need to help other nations thereby making a difference in the world.  Thanks to Paul for his informative talk.   I’m glad he likes to eat steak!
Jamie won the 50/50.
Next week we will have craft talks.....come and learn more about two of our members.
FEB. 26, 2019
Invocation:   Melissa
Flag salute:   Matt Franklin and Pete Starlings
Guests:   Melissa brought two guests today, Tim Cowan and Nick Andregg; John Weiss brought Dean Sullivan and Tom Rost who will both be joining our club soon; and Judy Salamacha introduced her guest, Nahayo who worked at Garden House and is now attending medical school with plans to graduate in May.  Last year our Club provided him with some financial support to use for school.  He will be doing his residency next, with a major in Neurology.  Rick Catlett and Chief Jody Cox from the MB Police Dept were also among our visitors today.
Guest Rotarian:    Sherry Sim visiting from Cayucos.
We have 14 tentative Club reservations for our Dodger vs Giant game.   
Dan Costley reported that our board voted to make Teri Bayus an honorary member.  
Our board voted to have the Club’s portion of each 50/50 drawing go to the Polio Plus Fund.
Matt Franklin and Pete Starlings have both paid $250/year to be in a PHF quartet.  Today they drew to see who would be the recipient of this year’s Paul Harris and the winner was Matt; he will be awarded a Paul Harris Fellow soon.  
Jude called up John Weiss to thank him for being the “fine” master.   Pete came up next to give John a little memento in the form of a special name tag.  John said he is very thankful for us, and the help we gave him while he was District Governor.
Judy introduced our speaker, Police Chief Jody Cox.  He says his theory, when he is asked to speak, is “Be Brilliant, Be Brief and Be Gone”.  He is from Tulare County and worked in Kings County, has been on a SWAT team and worked his way through all the different divisions including investigations.  In 2010, he had the opportunity to come to Morro Bay to see if he would want to join the police dept here, but their son was still in school in Tulare and his wife vetoed the plan.  When he was given the opportunity again in 2012, his son was out of school, so his family was ready to make the move, work and hopefully and retire here.  He had the role of Acting Chief a couple of times before he had the opportunity to become Chief.  When Scott Collins became the City Manager, he felt it was the right time to throw his hat in the ring to become Chief.  He feels that Leadership is all about Relationship, and that is something he is committed to and works towards.  We do live in “Paradise” and he and the rest of his team work to keep it that way.  He emphasizes to his officers they need to represent themselves well to everyone as they are working within the community.  A “Chief’s Advisory Board” and “Citizens Police Academy” are two programs the Chief is getting started.  Neighborhood Cop is another program Jody is working on to maintain the relationships within the community.  Thanks to Chief Cox for this informative presentation.
50/50 won by Judy S. who gave it to Nahayo to use for his travel back home.
There was to be an orientation meeting for Tom and Dean after the general meeting, so they can soon be members of our Club.
Next week our program will be Paul Dels whose topic will be Climate Change:  Must we Change?  Can We Change?  Will We Change?
FEBRUARY 19, 2019
Ken Stilts was our co-host today and called the meeting to order, he said it has been a very long time since he was our President and called a meeting to order.
Invocation by:   Ken Stilts
Pledge to the Flag:   Dan Costley
Guests:   Rotarians Bob and Ann Scott, from Cobourg, Ontario; Bruce Howard from the Cambria Club who is also our speaker; Dean Sullivan who is here for the fourth time; “Jude’s Dude”, Gordon, who has retired so he is available to come to Rotary; Jeff Cadwallader, Assistant Vice Principal at MBHS.
Heidi presented a check to Jeff in the amount of $500 to support the Awards Banquet at the High School.  
Contact Katherine if you would like to go to the Dodgers game; we might be able to take a bus from here.  We hope to have over 200 attending District-wide.
Mary and Jude went to the Atascadero Rotary Crab Feed and it was a beautifully run affair, except they didn’t do the bread right according to Mary, who admitted she is the “Crabby Crab” eater and wants things done right.  Ours will be done right because it will be done at the Pizza Port.
Four Way Test....Andrea is handling it and the deadline is April 1st, so we have a little more time than we thought we did.
Daniel Bronstein gave an update on the Scouts BSA Troop for Girls he is starting up with help from Doug Riddell.  We are the charter organization for this troop.  He now has five girls who want to be involved which is the minimum to start a troop.
Judy Salamacha said that Opal Singleton has written a new book about Human Trafficking.  Her second book is Societal Shift, A World Without Borders and a Home Without Walls.  Both available on Amazon and Judy also has a couple of copies.
The fines were $10 for each person with a birthday in February.  In addition to birthday fines, Mary Leizear for $25; Dan Costley for $20; Steve for $25; Jeff Jones for $20; Jack Keely, $20; Dale Reddell for $50;  Ryan for $15; and Mike Shaffran for $20.
John Weiss then introduced our speaker, Bruce Howard who John has known for over 18 years.    Judy added that Bruce is in real estate and has lived in Cambria 20+ years.  The Cambria Rotary Club, which is 50 years old, was started/sponsored by our Club.  Bruce’s first occupation was as a flight attendant, he plays the drums and has sold many different percussion instruments.  He is a concert promoter and has been on the radio for several years including years on K-Otter radio.  He has promoted and personally knows many performers over the past 20 years.  The Fremont Theater is like a theater that most small towns have with a seating capacity of approximately 800.   They bring many special events to the Fremont which has been updated but still has its original charm.  Bruce was a delightful speaker and we appreciate him taking the time to come to our Rotary Club.
50/50 was won by Ann Scott, our guest who gifted it back to our Polio Plus Fund.  Ann and Bob Scott have been all over the world giving out polio doses and tirelessly fundraising to eradicate polio.  Bob said only 30 cases were reported last year.
Next week we will have Jody Cox, our new Police Chief.  He has been Chief for about six months, so he is ready to talk to us about police business - hope to see all MBRC members next week. 

Jude says “Be the Inspiration” - a quote from MLK and Ghandi.


February 12, 2019
Today’s Co-Host was Tom Hay; he called our meeting to order, asked for guests as well as called on himself to provide today’s Invocation.
Invocation was by Tom
Pledge to the Flag by Mary who correctly answered the question: “Whose birthday is today”? 
Tom brought a couple of pictures of beautiful waves in our area...so that we had a visual for our “We Make Waves” cheer.
Pete got up and told a joke about swords and flys.
Guests today were:  Junior Rotarian Stella and Erica Crawford, our speaker and CEO of the Chamber.
Our Crab Feed committee met again this morning, it is coming along nicely and will be a good fundraiser.  We will start selling tickets the first of March.  We still need a few items for the silent auction; if you have a vacation home, or something else that you can donate we would appreciate it.
Katherine reported that twelve people have stated that they would like to go to our Dodger/Giant game.  The tickets are $75.00 and is on June 20th.
Thursday, Feb. 21 between 5-7pm is the Squeaky Wheel Happy Hour at the Inn at Morro Bay.  Join your business peers to consider policies, regulations, and projects that affect Morro Bay’s economic development.
Melissa reported on the PETS Convention that she attended last weekend in Los Angeles.  She said they discussed how to attract Millennials, she feels that you need to be respectful of them and welcoming to them which she said our club really was to her.  
John again was the fine master so.........Mike W was fined $20; Carla can’t be fined, but her answer was correct; Lorraine was fined $20 and gave a short synopsis of her real estate business; Mike P was fined $10: Tom Hay was fined $20 and gave a short talk about his printing business; Dave was fined $20 and talked about his dry cleaner business and his umpiring; Elsie fined $5; Stella was called on, but her mom stood up in her place and answered for her.  
Katherine introduced Erica, the CEO and President of the Morro Bay Chamber who was our speaker today.  She opened her own restaurant when she was 27 and has always worked hard at whatever she does.  She loves to go to Chamber Conventions to get inspired about more things to do in our community.  The trees have been trimmed downtown and are ready to be lit up by the end of this month or in March.  The next topic was the Saturday Farmers Market on Main Street.  The layout needed to be changed because fear of fire evacuation concerns.  After considering the needs of the businesses in the area, they came up with a new layout which seemed to be working, but there were still some concerns, so they decided to opt out of the market as a Chamber Program.  This responsibility will very likely to go to someone else, possibly a farmer or vendor who is involved in the market.  Melissa asked about music/concerts being brought into the area, which Erica says is being looked at.  Thanks to Erica for this presentation on very short notice. 
Mike Shaffran has purchased a home which is right for the needs of he and his wife, in Templeton.
Next week’s program will be Cambria Rotarian, Bruce Howard who will speak about the Historic Fremont Entertainment Center. 
50/50 drawing was $18 and was won by Nick.
Moment of inspiration....by Jude.
February 5, 2019
Melissa was the co-host today, so she called the meeting to order with a ring of the bell, and a welcome to all.
Invocation by Nick
Flag Salute by Andrea
GUESTS:   Mary brought Ann Byerly from the SLO Monday Rotary Club who had an announcement: Saturday, March 23rd they will be holding their annual Spaghetti Western Fundraiser at the Vets Club in SLO.  Buy your tickets on their website - sounds like a fun event and all monies made will go towards high school scholarships for deserving students.
Dean Sullivan visited for the second time and brought copies of the first edition of their newspaper, The Estero Bay News; Tom Russ, visiting us for the fourth time; and Interactors Audrey McClish, Annalise Dempsey and Kinsey Flaghterly were here with Andrea.  The Interactors have helped with the Avocado Margarita Festival, the Fall Carnival, Canned Food Drive for SLO, The Human Trafficking Summit, the Women’s Shelter in SLO, as well as many other things - Great Job!!   They have several thousand dollars in their account to use when they decide what charity they would like to use it for.
Katherine is heading up the Dodgers vs Giants baseball game trip.  We will possibly be going by bus or maybe we can see how many cars we will have going.
Tomorrow is mock interviews at Cuesta College - Jude is going to be our representative.       
Judy was introduced and congratulated for receiving the Lillian Dean Award, for all the things she has done in the community as an advocate for Writers.  We are thankful she is a vital part of our Club.  Congratulations Judy!!
Crab Feed Meeting:   Pete said if everyone sells 4-l/2 tickets, we will sellout.  Start thinking about who you can invite, and if you have something you can offer for our silent auction.    All Ideas for making more money on this fundraiser are both invited and appreciated.  
Judy introduced our special speaker today, Chris Aho, the Development Director of the 25th Annual SLO Film Festival.  The Festival has long been considered to be one of the best independent  film festivals in the country.  They have 60-70 screeners to watch all the films and  narrow those making “the cut” down to 70, which will be shown in Paso, and Morro Bay as well as downtown SLO.  Some are as short as 3 minutes and can be up to 30 minutes or longer; also, some are heavy and some have a lighter topic.  It starts on March 12 and will be six days of film, wine and fun on the Cinematic Central Coast.   There are also special events including the appearance of Katherine Ross and her husband Sam Elliot, with the showing of Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid.  They have a special section for youth film makers who will also have a chance to get an award, or have their film viewed.  Saturday night they will be giving a Life Time Achievement Award to someone in the film business, who has yet to be named.  Their website is www.slofilmfest.org if you are interested in getting tickets or volunteering.  Teri Bayus has made a film that will be shown.
John Weiss came up to do the fining – ending up fining Judy $10, Melissa $25, Jack Keely answered correctly but was still fined $25, Pete Starlings $10, Nick $10, Mike W and Williams $10. John has thru the month of February to fine us all – be on the lookout.
Mike Pond mentioned that Chiara won an international math contest and was awarded $2,500 which she is using for her train trip.  It seems Chiara loves math and science.....Good Job, Chiara.  
Jude’s quote for today was from “64 Ways in 64 Days” - encouraging Peace.  Thanks Jude.   
Next week we will have Craft Talks - one of my favorites, getting to know our members better.    See you then.   Enjoy the sunshine.
January 29, 2019
Dan Costley was our co-host and also gave the Invocation
Flag salute was led by Kasey
Guests:   John Weiss brought Dean Sullivan and Tom Ross; Mary Helen and Kathleen, Rotarians from Palm Desert were with us again; and, Mike Pond introduced Ciara who is with a MB host family now.  Sherry Sim, Rotarian from the Cayucos Club, also visited today.  
This morning at 11am, we met with Teri Bayus to debrief and hear from those who were involved in the Lighted Boat Parade.  The event went very well and made money too.     We will meet next week at 11am to continue planning the Crab Feed.
Jude sent out an email with information on upcoming events.
Andrea will be going to Del Mar school to talk about the Four Way Test - they need to be read, checked and back to the District Office by March 1st.
June 20th is the Dodger Game trip, we need a coordinator for our Club, so please consider heading this up.  The discounted price for the Dodgers vs. Giants game is $75.00.  It is a social gathering for the District so we hope to get a large group.  Sherry Sim will take the lead and arrange for a bus to take us there.  More about this later. 
Sherry brought a poster and information about the Cayucos Rotary Masquerade Party on Saturday March 16th.  This is always a fun event - definitely worth going to so buy your tickets early as it is always a sellout.
Next Ciara came up to collect a donation that had been collected for her.
Chuck and Ken C bought a Paul Harris Fellow Banner with gold badges for everyone who is in the Club who have a PH.  Nick said he has given a PH to everyone in his family so it was his desire to give one to a person in our Club.  He chose to give it to Katherine  Gillen, who “hit the road running” when she joined, and has been involved in many things including volunteering to be our President in 2021.  She said she was overwhelmed with the surprise presentation of the Paul Harris Fellow and she will hang it proudly in her office at the Chamber. 
John Weiss was again in charge of fines and asked members - ”What is your favorite avenue of service?” Ken S., Lorraine, Don D., Kacey, Dan C, Pete Starlings, Nick, and Chuck were fined for various reasons.
Judy introduced our speaker, Dr. Jill Stearns, the President of Cuesta College.  She, her husband and both sons are graduates of Cal Poly.  Quite a few of our members attended Cuesta College.  They are a “Hispanic Serving Institution”, which is a federal designation. They are 53% female and have a rapidly growing segment online.  Eight percent of their students already have a bachelor’s degree and are considered “re-careering”.  It is a huge savings to go to Cuesta before transferring to a State or UC as out of high school, your first 2 years are paid for.  Cuesta tuition used to be based on attendance, but their new funding is performance based, which has been a big benefit to Cuesta.  They are offering classes in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and culinary courses.  They have a “Cougar Pantry” for those who need food which had 18,000 visits last year; accommodating 1100 students in need.      
Doug brought boxes to be mailed to the troops.
50/50 - $37 won by Mary Helen, our guest from Palm Desert.
Next week’s program will be Chris Aho, Development Director, SLO Film Festival.
JAN 22, 2019
Meeting called to order by Co-host Nick
Inspirational moment.......Katherine
Pledge to the Flag.........Tom Hay
We put in a call to Rick Grantham who thought it was a wrong number until we shouted: “Who’s House”?!!!   RAMS House!!  He sounded like he was glad to hear from us.
Guests today:   Jody from Garden House was with Kasey.
Clip board was sent around to remind us about the Mixer at the Best Western tomorrow, the Health Fair at the Community Center on Jan. 26th and The Central Coast Women for Fisheries will be selling Albacore Enchiladas on Feb. 2nd - order from Lori French now.
We had a Crab Feed meeting this morning; it will be held on Saturday, April 6th.  If we all sell five tickets, we will sell out; tickets are $60.00.  We are well on the way of having a successful Crab Feed fundraiser.
Jude took our $1,000 to the Coast Guard; she was on tv and we got a lot of publicity and many will be helped.  Thanks to everyone who gave to this cause, the board authorized additional funds added to the amount given on Tuesday to bring it up to $1,000.
Heidi made an announcement about PRLS training which will be held in Santa Maria or SLO.  
Michael Shaffran has a special need which he shared with us; he needs to rent a home - if someone has information about a home that will be available soon, please contact him.
April 28th is the Bollywood event to benefit Deepa - Save the date and buy  your tickets now, they sell out early.  More about location etc. next week. 
Judy Salamacha was given special recognition for all of the work she did for the Human Trafficking Summit.  We appreciate all she does.  
John Weiss was our “Fine Master” for the month…  Question of the day was “What is your Favorite Avenue of Service in Rotary?”  Steve Carnes was first and was fined $25; Katherine was fined $25; Jack Keely was fined $25.  Ryan said Pacific Community Bank is the best and was fined $25.  Michael S was next and his favorite is International Service – he was fined $25.    Andrea said her favorite is “Youth Services”, she enjoys going to Del Mar and talking to the teachers and kids – yes, she was fined $25.  
Judy introduced Lynette Sonne from FARMstead Ed and Andrea from Talley Farms Fresh Harvest.   Agra-Tourism is growing by leaps and bounds where people from the city can come and see how and where animals and veggies are grown.  She pulls veggies to fill a box of goodies from farms within 150 miles, so if she cannot get lettuce here, they may have it in Oxnard.   They deliver these boxes to Lemos and Miners here in MB to be picked up by those who have preordered and prepaid.  Each box contains fresh salad ingredients, dinner vegetables and sweet tasting fruit - The junior box is $23; the large box is $28.  So if you are looking to serve fresh, California grown fruits and vegetables, you will want to look into becoming a member of FreshHarvest at Talley Farms.  They put on workshops about pickling, jamming, and peppers and also bring groups to a farm that has llamas and goats.  The baby goats will be ready to see/play with in April.  We will see how many would like to join us in a fun day at the farm.  Very interesting - thanks to Lynette and Andrea for coming off the ranch/farm to enlighten us city folks.  
They brought a Junior box and a large box of edible goodies as well as a couple of surprise bottles of homemade goodies to add to our raffle prizes, so there were five 50/50 winners who went home with great prizes. 
See you next week when our speaker will be Dr. Jill Stearns, President of Cuesta College.
JAN 15, 2019
MEETING called to order by Ken Casida who was today’s co-host
INVOCATION by Melissa with a quote by Martin Luther King
KEN led us in WE MAKE WAVES (3 times with enthusiasm)
John Weiss introduced us to his guest, Ron, who spends part time in Morro Bay and part time in Kansas.
Clyde Gains Celebration of Life was last Saturday; Jeff said Clyde was remembered by the group, as several of our members were present.
Crab Feed coming up on Saturday, April 6th’ Jude is hopeful that everyone will find a place to be of service during this event.   
Friday, May 10th is the Annual Golf Tournament, here at the Golf Course.
Rotary Membership training is being held in Pismo Beach on March 9th; if Don can go and take someone with him, that would be great.
District Training will be held on March 16th in Oxnard; Melissa should take her board and Jude will be taking hers.
RYLA has six students signed up that are being sponsored by our Club.
June 29th is the step down for Sandi Schwartz in Simi Valley.
We had a presentation earlier this year from Education Partner with Businesses and they mentioned that they might want some of us to participate in mock interviews with students; the event will be held on February 6th at Cuesta College if anyone would like to participate.
We passed the bucket to collect money to buy gift cards to give to the neediest members of the Coast Guard in our area.   We collected $224.  
Nelson Pamplona educated us about the stock market, since he works at Edward Jones.  For the past few years we have been seeing a large increase in the market but it has been going the other way for the past few months.  The Border Wall, our relationship with China, natural disasters, and other things are causing the sell off at this time.  However, this may be a good time to buy, since prices are low.  Bonds might be a good option at this time.  He will be meeting with a PG&E client on Friday and hopefully will find out more about what they plan to do about Diablo.
The Board will be meeting tomorrow morning here at the View at 7:30. 
The Four Way Test essay contest will start on February 1st and has to be done on March 1st.    Andrea Turnquist is looking forward to meeting with Del Mar teachers and getting that started.
Melissa gave a Craft Talk; she has been in Rotary for five years and has a Massage business here in Morro Bay.  Her grandpa was a member of MB Rotary, and she grew up here.  Melissa has been married since 2012 and has a child Stella, who is a Jr. Rotarian.  She had several questions that she asked and answer herself, so that we could get to know her better.  She hates it when someone uses the word “Expecially”, because there is no “X” in the word.  So, I’m sure we will be ‘expecially’ sure not to use that word when she is President.  Her ideal way to spend a weekend is to go camping and just hangout on the beach, with family and friends.  She loves dogs and hates cats.  She chooses to be an optimist.  She is now the General Manager at the Pizza Port, and still will be doing Massage Therapy. 
Our “Mystery Guest” was Walter, Jude’s Black lab stuffed animal support dog, who seemed to have a digestion problem.  Sometimes Jude “wings it” and sometimes she does “triage”.   She loved being a Librarian and certainly is not the stereotypical librarian as she was known as the “Iron Fist with a Velvet Glove”.  She liked being the Reference Person and she loved telling stories to the children.  She has lived in Los Osos since 1975.  Her husband, Gordon, is getting ready to retire and they are looking forward to being together full time - at least they think they are looking forward to it.
Lynn Sonne/Farmstead Education Program and Member, and Tally Farms will be our program next week, with a box of fresh veggies to auction off.
John Solu’s wife, Joan was named the Citizen of the Year by the Chamber and Kitzman Culligan Water was named Business of the Year.  Congratulations to our Rotarians for making such a difference in Morro Bay!!  
50/50 was won by Matt Franklin


January 8, 2019
Invocation by Ken Stilts
Pledge to the flag by Doug Riddell
The co-host was Jeff Jones; he called the meeting to order and introduced the team who were with the special guest, Eddy, the K9.  Dick Mellinger and Gil Igleheart  were here with a presentation about Pawsabilities and the New Life K9’s Service Dog program, headed up by Jack Gould.  Guests also included Bob Salamacha, Liz Clarke, Claire Grantham and Neil Farrell; it was also nice to have former Rotarians Brian and Kelly Griffith here today.
Co-host Jeff then introduced our President Jude Long who made special introduction of Rick and Claire Grantham, who are moving to Washington very soon.  Rick shared his experience of being a cheerleader - it was a Rotary thing - of course.  Then Rick led us in WHOSE HOUSE IS IT?  RAMS HOUSE!!!  (Although I heard a few other teams in there?).  They moved here in 1993 and made many friends over the years; including close friends here in our Rotary club.  Our Best Wishes to them in this new chapter in their lives....I  know of a very active Rotary Club there (whose president is a former Visalian) that will give them a warm welcome.  
This is Rotary Foundation Month so Jude encouraged us to donate $100 to our own local MB Foundation.  
Jude introduced Neil Ferrell who is the editor of Bay News which, along with two other local papers, has stopped publication.  He is hoping another newspaper will open up again soon.  Jeff Jones and Pete Zotovich both thanked him for the work he has done on behalf of the Fire Dept. and the school.  
Judy introduced Jack Gould who is with New Life K9s Service Dogs and Pawsabilities for Veterans which helps create awareness of veterans with PTSD.  The puppies they buy are taken to the California Men’s Colony where they are trained to become service dogs, by a staff of 24 trainers.  They always welcome the help of others by picking up a puppy/dog on Friday and returning it on Monday, so they can experience life outside the prison.  After two years of training, CMC hosts a graduation ceremony to unite the trainer, service dog and veteran.  We are encouraged to come to graduation and see what the inmates have been able to do with these K9’s in just two years.  It is a very rewarding program for the veteran, the inmate and the K9.  Community involvement is critical.
50/50 drawing went to Jeff Jones
Next week’s program will be craft talks by two of our own Club members.....it’s always interesting to learn more about each other.
It’s a Beautiful Day in Morro Bay!!
December 11, 2018
President Jude called the meeting to order with an announcement that we have two presentations today - the Morro Bay High School Choir and Michelle Roust with the Winter Bird Festival.
Invocation by Nick
Pledge to the Flag by Dale
Sent around the bucket to collect tips for the wait staff; we’ll be sending it around next week too – bring some extra cash!!!
Next was the Morro Bay High School Choir led by Holly Banfield, who coincidentally was a recipient of one of our scholarships.  Holly led them in a nice selection of Christmas carols; we even joined in on the chorus of Jingle Bells and it sounded quite beautiful.  We gave them a standing ovation and a check in the amount of $250.
Chalk one up for the President for being adaptable when we have a surprise...........two presentations on one day!
When Jude wanted to know what record was broken last weekend on the football field; Jeff Jones said there was an attendance record broken in soccer – the original “Futbol”, for which he was fined $20.  Actually, it was a football record she was talking about - who knew?  Army/Navy game .....Chuck wanted us to know Army won.
Pete brought avocados for sale with proceeds going to our MB Rotary Foundation.  He also talked with Max and said he is doing great.
Katherine introduced Michelle Roust, who is the Co-chair of the Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival, which is being held on Jan 18 -21.  The Brant geese come to MB to eat the eel grass, which is one of the reasons it is a protected area.  They fly like geese and honk like geese but they are smaller.   Every Martin Luther King weekend, well over 500 birders visit Morro Bay.  We are right on the pacific flyway for birds that are passing on to go south and then pass by again on their way home, so it is a great place to have a Festival.  Bird Watching is a National pastime; birding can be quite expensive as “good glass” (binoculars) and travel adds up.   Many of the Birders will go to Pacific Wildlife to hold a baby bird and see how the birds are cared for.  On average, the Bird Festival will attract over 575 people; many of whom are not from this area.  The cost for the entire weekend is only $85.  The Festival bazaar will be at the Community Center, where there will be a “Birds of Morro Bay” quilt fundraiser, tee shirts, and other works of art.  The Festival works exclusively with local business: restaurants, hotels, winery’s, printers, etc.  This is a great area for birds since we have small population, and varied grass lands, estuary etc.  The Festival website is morrobaybirdfestival.org.   Over 500 people have already signed up for next year.   International Audubon Society Bird Count is this Saturday.
Jack Keely won the 50/50
Jude shared a couple of inspirational quotes.   “Remember that your natural state is Joy”.  Rudyard Kipling “Delight in the little things”.
See you next week with whatever presentation Jude and Judy come up with.  
DECEMBER 4, 2018
Meeting called to order by Jude....WE MAKE WAVES!
Invocation by Katherine Gillen
Pledge to the Flag led by Mike Pond
Guests of Rotarians:  Our speaker, Melanie Williams-Mahan
Guest Rotarians:  Marty and Eric who are members of the SLO Rotary Club.  Soon to be member Nelson Pamploma, who will be attending an orientation at Lolos Monday evening.
We have been cleared to be at Albertsons to ring the Salvation Army Bell on Thursday for the next three weeks.  Matt still has a couple of openings. 
Jude gave special recognition to Don Doubledee for being Santa.  Thank you so much to Don and everyone who has helped with the Lighted Boat Parade.
Chief Knuckles mentioned the KSBY stint that we did at the fire station last night.  Jude was able to “plug” Rotary and the Lighted Boat Parade.  Donations of non-perishable food and unwrapped toys to be used in this community, can be dropped off at the fire station.
 Jude had to decide whether to fine the people who went to the fire station or fine those who did not.  She decided to fine those who were there, which brought in over $100 in $20 fines. 
Chief Knuckles offered to let us use their pop-up for the hot chocolate, coffee and cookies for the Lighted Boat Parade Saturday evening.  Dan commented on a couple of people who came to the Santa House and were so happy to see Santa.  We could still use Santa’s helpers to be in the Santa House to engage with people and encourage them to come in for a picture. 
Received a nice thank you note from the Caroling Cops and Honor Flights; two organizations we provided money to.
Bill Pierce said he found more plush toys for the Caroling Cops to give out, so we are good for this year and part of next.  The trolley reservations are full and even have a waiting list.  He also said he had “5 IOU’s” from several of us.....I paid mine off!!
Pete brought avocados to sell with money going to the Rotary Foundation.  Kathi had surgery three weeks ago today; send her a greeting.  She is doing great but is a bit sore.
Birthdays this week......Gary Owens, Lori French, & Casey Watson.
Katherine introduced our speaker, Melanie Williams Mayan, the Executive Director of PET, Partners in Equestrian Therapy, located in Atascadero.  This organization works with children and adults with disabilities through equine therapy.  Sometimes a child who does not communicate at home or school, will be able to communicate with a horse.  Also, children in wheelchairs can have a great time on a horse and it gives them self-confidence, and sometimes even the feeling of being able to walk.  The horses want to please and that makes them so accessible.  The riders all have side walkers who make sure the horse is comfortable with the situation.  They also teach the basics of horsemanship, including an “emergency dismount”, in case the horse gets spooked by something.  A child who cannot see can learn to trust by riding on the horse.  The PET Foundation is always looking for volunteers and financial gifts.  They receive grants from the county every year but also need individual donations.  They also work with veterans and “at risk” teens.  A fun and informative presentation - thanks Katherine for bringing Melanie to us.  
50/50 won by:  Ken Stilts which he then donated to Melanie Williams, our speaker. 
Next week’s program will be Michelle Roust whose subject will be “Morro Bay Bird Festival”.   
Jude’s inspirational quote was, .......well.....inspirational.  
NOV 26, 2018
Jude opened the meeting with......... WE MAKE WAVES
Kasey gave the invocation
Santa Don led the Pledge to the Flag
Guests of Rotarians...Dan brought his lovely wife, Linda, and his mother, Brit Sullivan; John Weiss brought Jeff Heller; Judy introduced Doug Garland, our speaker and Brian Shorts who was with him.
Visiting Rotarians:   Fred LoBue, who is a member of the Visalia Downtown Rotary.
John Weiss announced that while he did not win in his bid for mayor, he is grateful for the support he received from many of us.  He also announced the death of Clyde Ganes, a former member of our Rotary Club.  Jeff Jones shared a few thoughts about Clyde and how he would come out when there was a fire, to make sure it was safe for the firemen, and also mentioned his great sense of humor.  Mike Pond also talked a few minutes about Clyde and his ability to raise funds for Sri Lanka.  John Solu met Clyde in 2002 when he was doing a remodel and was “red tagged” by him, but then Clyde came along, on the weekend no less, to help with his project.  Jude had worked for him when she first came to Morro Bay in the early 70’s at Thrifty.  His Memorial Service will be Jan 12th in at the Paso Robles Fair Grounds, more information to follow.
Matt said we still have two slots on the 6th and the 13th for Salvation Army bell ringers at Albertsons and all day the 20th is still open.   Let Matt know if you are able to help.
Bill Pierce said in the aftermath of the Camp fire, there are many animals that need to be taken care of by veterinarians.  We passed the bucket and collected $304.00 that will be sent to the appropriate organization to help with these unfortunate little critters.
Still looking for a host family for Chiara, from December to February.
Dan Costly made announcements about the Lighted Boat Parade and the Santa House.  We have made arrangements to use the space where the Off the Hook restaurant used to be for those who want to spend time during the Lighted Boat Parade in a warm and cozy spot.  The cost per ticket is $10 which will get you munchies and comfort; there will also be an open bar if you need a little extra boost of warmth.  We still need a few more cookies, which we will be selling along with hot choc and coffee.  We need help starting at 4pm on Saturday to set up and also need more help to sell cookies etc. on Saturday night.  Right now we are a “go”, but if there are heavy winds etc., we will have to cancel.  John Lindsey will help us and keep us informed about that.     John Weiss will be our announcer.  Thanks to Don Doubledee who looks great and will be a great Santa.  We also need a helper for Santa every night, because we will be selling picture frames in the Santa House.  
Scott Collins said the MB Fire Department will be hosting KSBY’s Seasons of Hope on Monday Dec 3rd.  KSBY will be there filming so we hope many of our club members will be there as well.  Join them at the station at about 5:45.
Douglas Garland was our speaker today with the topic of “The Tall Poppy Syndrome”.  Doug was a doctor in Orthopedics specializing in spinal cord injuries.  Good envy is if your neighbor gets a new car, and you want to work harder so you can get one too.  Bad envy is when your neighbor gets a new car, your desire is to key it.  He had a lot to say about TPS in many countries as well as in the U.S.; while the Tall Poppy Syndrome is widely known in other countries, it’s a relatively new concept in the U.S. – even though we probably “live” the syndrome more than anywhere else.  The main thought is “life is not always fair”....do your best, follow the Rotary Four Way Test, rejoice with those who rejoice, cry with those who are crying and help those in need.   
50/50 was won by Jeff Jones.
Jude closed the meeting with Thankful Thoughts Awareness.  Be aware of things that are going RIGHT in our lives, from the moment we wake up, if we can see, hear, move, think, etc......then we are truly Blessed.  AND ...We live in this wonderful place...check out the waves today!!  
November 13th
Jude opened the meeting....WE MAKE WAVES!!
Melissa gave the Inspirational Moment
Don led us in the Pledge to our Flag
In honor of Mike and Andrea Pond being married 36 years, Mike was fined $36… CONGRATULATIONS!!
John Weiss is going to Reno for a Rotary event...he expressed his thanks to the club for enabling him to participate.
John Weiss and John Headding met last week to discuss the situations going on in Morro Bay and to agree to work together to make this City even better. 
Matt Franklin passed around the signup sheet to ring the Salvation Army bell at Albertson's, please contact Matt if you’re able to help; we are responsible for Thursday’s (not including Thanksgiving)
We will have a Lighted Boat Parade Meeting at 11:00 before the next meeting on November 27th.  We still need help serving hot choc etc. the night of the parade.  Let Melissa, Jamie or Elsie know if you can help; it’s a really fun and easy way to get involved. 
Board of Directors meeting tomorrow at 730am at the Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room.
All our members who had served in the military stood up and told us where they had been stationed.  Thank you for Giving your Time in Service of Our Country.
Guests of Rotarians:  Judy introduced our speakers for today, Tony Wisneiwski and Jim Murphy, as well as Janice House who is a leader of the HONOR FLIGHT program for SLO County.  We also welcomed Janice’s husband, Stan; Jody from Garden House; Elsie’s friend, Cordelia, and John Weiss brought his dad, Dick Weiss. 
Last year, our Club donated $1500 to Honor Flight to sponsor one local veteran to go to Washington D.C. to visit the WWII, Korean, and Vietnam Memorials, as well as other points of interest.  The Honor Flight group in SLO County has taken over 240 veterans.  They will have a group of 50 men/women on each trip and go three times a year.  As applications come in,  the most elderly veterans are given priority.  Tony and Jim each shared what was the most amazing part of their trip.  They said wherever they went, they were treated with love and respect, causing these old vets to choke up.  They said the fire trucks spraying water across the tarmac as the plane went through, was very emotional.  Janice put out a call for “guardians” to go with someone that doesn’t have a family member to go.  Jack Keely was a guardian a couple of years ago and found the experience amazing.  They fly American Airlines out of SLO and a couple of times the group has missed the next flight because of delays.  When that has happened, American Airlines has arranged for them to go on a chartered flight, so they don’t have to wait in the airport for an available flight.   
50/50 won by Heidi and given to Chiara to add to her train trip jar.
Doug Garland is the speaker at the next meeting.   His topic will be “The Tall Poppy Issue”.  (google it, its not about the flower)
November 6
Meeting opened by President Jude with Bill Pierce leading the WE MAKE WAVES cheer.
Invocation by Ken Stilts with a special emphasis on voting and how privileged we are to be in this country
Guest Rotarians:  Joel Clay the Manager of the View restaurant; Sherry Sim from Cayucos Rotary.
Guests of Rotarians:  Nelson Pamploma, with Edward Jones here for the third time; Elsie’s friend Cordelia, from Orange County; Melissa’s friend, Jillian Montgomery; Judy’s daughter, Jody; and our speaker, Misty Wycoff,
Judy was fined $20 because she was properly dressed in red/white/blue on voting day.
Jude informed us of the death of Katherine Gillen’s mom who passed away last week.  Our best goes out to Katherine at this difficult time.
If you are paying your dues in two payments, the 2nd Installment is due this month.
Melissa sent around a clip board signup sheet to open and lock up the Santa House.  There will be two more meetings before December 1st.  Next week Terri Bayus will be here ....come to the meeting for the Lighted Boat Parade.....it’s kind of a big deal for our club.  
Next week Chiara is bringing Italian cookies to share for a donation to help with her train trip.   I’m sure she would appreciate any help we can give her to make this trip possible.
Matt Franklin is in charge of the Salvation Army Bell Ringing signups; come next week prepared to sign up for a one hour shift to ring the bell in front of Albertsons.  Our club is responsible for the last Thursday in November and the first two in December.  All the money they receive in their bucket here, stays in Morro Bay, so it is a worthwhile thing for us to do.
Daniel Bronstein was here to share his vision for Scouting USA.  He wants our Club to Charter an all Girl Boy Scout Troop in Morro Bay.  There would be a nominal fee ($100.00) and one representative to be the liaison for the Girl’s Scout Troop.  Daniel has been a Rotarian for the past 8 years and a Boy Scout for the past 30 years.   
Melissa introduced our speaker, Misty Wycoff providing us with an interesting presentation about the Elephant Seals.....”Bachelors and Harems”.  Elephant seals can dive a mile down into the sea and can hold their breath 2 hours.  There are 3 distinct seasons - (1) breeding and birthing; .mom has 28 days after her pup is born to pump calories into it.  There are approx. 5,200 births a year, after the 28 days, she will breed and will go on her migration, leaving her pup behind.  The fertilized egg will attach itself to the mom’s uterus, but will not begin to grow for another three months.  (2) The molting season, where they lose all their outer covering once a year.  It takes about a month to completely molt.  (3) Fall Haul Out when young males come in and practice fasting, and strengthen their muscles on land.  None of the seals eat or poop etc. while they are on the beach.  The wildlife workers implant GPS devices on them to better keep tract of populations, journeys, etc.   The beach in our coastal region is the only land they will ever touch; the rest of their life is spent in the ocean.  Forty nine percent  of babies survive their migration after they leave here.  Wonderful presentation!!  Thanks Misty!!
Honor Flight Program is scheduled for next week.   Come to this exciting program just in time for Veterans Day. 
Morro Bay Rotary Club Meeting
October 30, 2018
Meeting called to order by President Jude
Invocation by:  Tom Hay
Pledge to our Flag by:  Lorraine
Guests of Rotarians:   Katherine Gillen brought her friend, Amber Clark, who is a new Chamber Member and the Manager of the Masterpiece Hotel.
Good to see Rick Grantham, who along with his wife, Claire, and three dogs are moving to Poulsbo, Washington.  Claire is recovering from recent back surgery, and Rick has just had hip replacement surgery so they are in great shape to go to Washington where their kids “can take care of them” from now on.
Tonight is a social at the Brickhouse BBQ to meet and greet Chiara and celebrate with Jan on her move back to Visalia.
Elsie was fined $20 for the “Fake News” in last week’s bulletin, where she stated that Chuck Clarke is a Dodgers fan, but in fact, he is a diehard Boston Red Sox fan.  Sorry Chuck. 
Pete, wearing a Father of the Bride tee shirt, gave a run down of the wedding of his daughter last weekend.   
Our speakers, Karen and Claudia with Pacific Wildlife Care thanked us for our gift of lights to them, which was important so the care givers can check on birds without disturbing them.  The first animal was Ginger, a female common barn owl.  She will have only one or two owlets per year; she eats mice, rats, rabbits etc.   It is important that people do not use rat poison since it can be ingested and cause great harm to the birds.    They will hunt in an area of 12,000 acres, and they are okay with several of them hunting in one area.
The next guest bird was CORAX, a male common raven.  They have had him since he was just a baby bird, the only survivor in a nest of four birds that was found on the ground.  Ravens will call in the big predators to kill the prey and then they can eat off the same animal.  Ravens are very smart and can learn to imitate sounds and words.  They are wonderful flyers, fun to watch, and they love to do acrobatics.  Ravens have a reputation of coming around when there is death, which has been true sometimes in the past – for example, during the black plague, or executions when they came in after a death to do the cleanup.  Pacific Wildlife Care is the only wildlife rehabilitation organization in SLO County licensed by US Fish and Wildlife and every year they provide treatment to between 2,000 and 3,000 birds, land mammals, and reptiles that are injured, orphaned, sick or starving.  This is always a great presentation!!  Thanks to the Wildlife staff for coming and sharing.   Claudia closed with a quote from Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven”.   
50/50 drawing won by Heidi.
Next week’s speaker will be Daniel Bronstein sharing his vision for the Boy Scouts USA.  
October 23, 2018
President Jude called the meeting to order.....WE MAKE WAVES!!!
Invocation by:  Dan Costley
Pledge to the flag led by Pete Z.
Guests of Rotarians:  Lynne Enns was here to give flu shots; Melissa brought her friend, Jillian Montgomery; our Rotary Exchange student Chiara; Steve K brought Fire Marshall Matt Viera. 
Katherine sent around a signup sheet for the social we are having at Brickhouse BBQ on the 30th of October between 5 and 7 pm.  Come meet and greet Chiara and give best wishes to Jan who will be moving to Visalia to open up a candy shop there.
Melissa sent around a signup sheet for the open up and lock up of Santa House during the Winterfest, the details on keys etc. will be forthcoming; and Dan C sent around a sponsor signup for the Lighted Boat Parade.  He said we will be roofing and painting the House soon.   The Lighted Boat Parade is being held on December 1, 2018.
Salvation Army Bell Ringing is our other holiday project; Matt Franklin is heading it up.   Signups will be for 2 hour shifts at the door of Albertsons; look to sign up soon.
Steve Carnes came up to say we are slowly getting geared up for the car show next May.  He presented Pres Jude a check in the amount of $7,000 for the work our Club did for the car show this year......good job to all who helped!!   What a great fund raiser!!
Melissa was fined $20 for announcing that she is in charge of sponsorship for the car show next year..........??
Greg Hardcastle was fined $20 because he and Gretchen went to France for two weeks; Tom Hay was fined $20 because he was a fan of both teams that are in the World Series; Chuck was fined $20 because he is a fan of the Dodgers; Jan was fined $20 even though her dad, Glen, played for the Red Sox Organization.  Mary was fined $20 because she answered one of Jude’s trivia questions; Tom Hay, it seems, was the most knowledgeable baseball fan in our group.   Bill Pierce says his left knee is healing but his rotator cuff is not.  He bought a white Ford Edge so was fined $20.....regardless of the number of cup holders.
Judy came up and introduced our speaker, John Lindsey, who said he is very proud of the efforts of the Morro Bay residents who stepped up to build the Maritime Museum and who want to bring in an aquarium.  He started by explaining El Niño, which we have all heard a lot about.  The prediction is that we will have above average temperatures as well as above average rainfall for the next year.  He believes the jet stream causes the warm water spots in the ocean.  He says it looks like there will be lots of rainfall between Halloween and Thanksgiving, which is great for the firemen who desperately need a break..........It has been a long, hard fire season.  In order for a hurricane to flourish, the water needs to be over 80 degrees.  Someone asked if his job is in jeopardy because Diablo is closing.  He said he will be happy to retire in a couple of years, and there is always something to do.  The power plant is not needed like it has been in the past because of solar panels, and more efficient uses of electricity.  Diablo has furnished 10% of electricity for the state, and 33% for their service area.   Chief Knuckles thanked John for always being available to give information when they are out fighting fires.  They will be putting in many weather stations in our area.  By Monday we might see gale force winds on the coast line.  “So there you Go!!”.
One more prediction from John...........the Red Sox will win the series.
50/50 was won by Steve Carnes.
Next week will be Pacific Wildlife.....always a favorite.    Come and see what interesting animal or bird they bring this time.
October 16, 2018
Meeting brought to order by President Jude......WE MAKE WAVES!! 
Inspirational Minute by:   Melissa
Pledge to the Flag led by:   Jan Lewis
Visiting Rotarians:  Daniel Bronstein who has been a member of the Pismo Beach / 5 Citites Club.
Guests:  Nelson Pamplona from Edward Jones; Erica Crawford, CEO of the MB  Chamber of Commerce; Teri Bayus our speaker for today.
Cleaning the shed:  Three of our hardy female Rotarians cleaned out the shed; stop by the shed and see if there is anything you could use - it will be open after the meeting today.
Katherine sent around a signup sheet for the BBQ we will be having on October 30th at Brickhouse Bbq; come any time between 5 and 7pm.  We want to welcome Chiara and wish the best to Jan, who is leaving Morro Bay to move to Visalia.
Melissa sent around a request for members to unlock and lock up the Santa House after Santa goes home for the night during Morro Bay’s Winterfest.  There is also the opportunity for businesses or individuals to sponsor an evening at the Santa House which includes buying toys for the kids for one evening.
Chiara would like to stay with the host family in SLO until after Thanksgiving.  We will need a host family in Morro Bay after that.  Do you know anyone who would enjoy having this young lady with them for the rest of the school year?
Erica awarded our Club $5,000 for the work we did during the Avocado/Margarita Festival.    Thank you to everyone who worked... it is a great way for us to make money with only one five hour shift each.
Dale Reddell’s birthday was October 14, for which he was fined $20; Jude brought various t-shirts for us to take home if we wanted one...... she got rid of several of them (or should I say, several lucky Rotarians went home with a Christmas Lighted Boat Parade t-shirt).
Teri Bayus was our speaker today and the topic was “Dinner and a Movie”.  Teri does many things including writing a food column for the past 17 years; during which time she has had food poisoning 11 times.  As a food reviewer, Teri has to be able to eat anything, including bugs, etc., but she has also been sent around the world to eat – a big bonus.  Seems like a good job to me!!  She says it is a good idea to wait a couple of months before you visit a new restaurant to let them get their menu right, staff informed etc.   If you want to be a food column writer, pay special attention to your word count, deadlines, always double check owners name and address, and ask to tour the kitchen.  She always orders appetizers when she reviews a restaurant and likes to take someone else with her to help eat the plates and plates of food.  She posts on Yelp, Trip Advisor, dine.com, Chowhound etc.  She started a tv show three years ago called Taste Buds which even recently got picked up by Netflix.  Teri is a delightful and energetic person and always a good speaker.  It would be fun to follow her on her blog...for more about Teri, go to teribayus.com
Pick up a box to mail to the troops.  Jude had a few quotes about food.
Next week is Meteorologist John Lindsay .....”I can be totally wrong and still keep my job”.
 50/50 won by Ken Stilts
Morro Bay Rotary Club Meeting
October 9, 2018
President Jude called the meeting to order, and WE MADE WAVES!!!     
Invocation by Ken Stilts
Pledge to the Flag by Jack Keely
Visiting Rotarians:  Gary and Leslie Vilhauer from Danville, CA.; Andrea Lueker, our speaker today,  who was a long time member of our Club and is a member of  the
Pismo Rotary Club.
Guests of Rotarians:  Mike Williams asked Gary Christiansen to join us, and Chuck brought Liz, his lovely wife (and better half) of 62 years.  
Jude and Judy went to the District Conference in Bakersfield.
Jude made a few comments about her football team, how well the quarterback is doing etc. etc....
Tomorrow you are invited to meet at the Rotary Shed at 9:30am to clean it out and possibly have lunch at Mi CASA. 
Katherine has planned a social at the Brickhouse BBQ on October 30th to greet Chiara, our exchange student.  She is enrolled at MBHS, but lives in SLO – for now.  That is not a great situation, so we need to find a host family for her in Morro Bay.  They don’t have to be a Rotarian, Mike passed out a flyer with the qualifications.  
Heidi said Master PRLS is coming to Oxnard on October 26-28; you’re able to take all the classes in one weekend.   
We’re having a Lighted Boat Parade meeting next Tuesday at 11am, prior to our meeting.
Doug Riddel was fined $20 for having a birthday; Pete was fined $37.00 for being married 37 years; and, Heidi has been married 30 years, which got her a $30 fine.  Don Doubledee was fined $20 after volunteering his birth date; and Mary was fined $20 for having a birthday last week.
Judy introduced Andrea Lueker and told us a couple of things she knew about her that maybe the rest of us did not know.  Judy also said our Recreation Dept was greatly improved when she was Morro Bay City Manager.  Gary Christiansen, John Weiss, Carla Wixom, and Mike Pond told special little memories about Andrea.  Andrea’s talk was about Port San Luis Harbor District, where she works with a 3.6 million dollar budget.  The District owns Avila Beach, Avila Pier and the Port San Luis Lighthouse.  They have the only active boat yard in the area.  People ask about the Avila Pier, but it is expensive to replace and there is an oil plume to deal with as well.  The District has plans to build more RV camping, Glamping, slides, harbor operations, and an infinity pool in the Avila Beach area.  They are very interested in obtaining some of the property at Diablo Canyon’s 12,000 acres.  Morro Bay has to be dredged by order of the Army Corp, so it is paid for by the Fed. Government, that is not true of Port San Luis so that is one of the expenses of the District.  Pirates Cove Beach belongs to the San Luis Harbor District but not the parking lot, or the walkway, just the naked beach (lol…).  Thanks to Andrea for bringing this interesting and informative presentation about the Harbor District “Where every day Brings a New Adventure”.
Jude ended the meeting with “amazing” comments and questions from visitors to our National Parks.   Sounds like we need to put more emphasis on Geography classes in school.
50/50 won by Gary Owens.
Our speaker next week is Terri Bayus.
October 2, 2018
Meeting called to order by President Jude
Invocation by Katherine
Pledge to the Flag by Rich Riedel
Welcome back to Chuck who has been missing due to some health issues.  We love you Chuck, and are glad to see you back!!!
Visiting Rotarians:  Steve Peck, formerly from Visalia...now living in Morro Bay
Guests of Rotarians:  Melissa brought friends, Morgan Wise and Emily; Tom Hay brought his friend, Larry Burke and our speaker, Van Curaza; Nelson Paloma, a Financial Advisor at Edward Jones, MB also visited our Club today.
A card for Claire Grantham, who had recent back surgery, was passed around.  Steve Knuckles announced that the Fire Dept. will be giving free flu shots on Sunday, October 28th from 1–4pm at the Fire Dept.
Scott Collins and Jack Keely were both presented with their yellow badges...   a very quick transition for these men - thanks for stepping up and being so active so early in your membership!! 
In an effort to get a tad bit organized, some of us cleaned out the Rotary cabinet in the meeting room last week; on Wednesday, October 10th we will meet at the storage shed to ruthlessly clean it out; we’re hoping to follow this up with lunch at Mi Casa, the Mexican Restaurant in the same parking lot.
Katherine Gillen was formally announced as our President Elect Nominee for the 2020/21 year.
Judy Salamacha sent a picture of Nahayo  who we helped with medical school expenses.  He is now officially a doctor.  What a blessing to be able to help others attain their goals.
Judy also said she and Jude will be going to the District Conference to learn more about Human Trafficking.  Jude had Opal’s very informative book with her to sell at a cost of $16.00.   Elsie is making tee shirt dresses to sell in the “Million Kids” Etsy shop.  Check it out ....jewelry and other handmade things will be sold to help fund this worthy organization.
Vacancy on the Board of Directors - we are in need of an Awards Chair.  Please volunteer - Jude will be happy to help you with that.
A.G. Rotary is having a drawing for a 2017 Ruby Red Mustang; the tickets are $20 with a maximum to sell of 3,000.  So far 1800 have been sold......so the odds are pretty good.
Tom Hay introduced our speaker today, Van Curaza.  On October 9th thru the 15th we will be welcoming our wounded military heroes to the Central Coast for Operation Surf!  Van started by thanking the veterans and first responders.  After battling and overcoming addictions in his own life, he was given the opportunity to work with veterans and now has his own organization: ”Amazing Surf Adventures”, which is a non-profit located in Avila Beach.  Their mission is to help those in need overcome their challenges through the power of surfing, ocean education, and fellowship.  In 2017, they welcomed 15 heroes to the weeklong surf therapy event in Avila Beach and Morro Bay.  These veterans come on this all expenses paid “vacation” to learn surfing with world class surf instructors and at the same time, build trust and self confidence.  They will be at the Rock in Morro Bay on October 14th and 15th.  “Operation Surf helped me realize I’m not disabled, I’m just differently abled” said Martin P., an Operation Surf Family Member.                     
Jude closed with giving Van a “Be the Inspiration” pin.  We appreciate his honesty in sharing his life with us. 
Our speaker next week will be our own Andrea Lueker, be here for her exciting presentation.
The 50/50 was won by Doug who presented it to Van for his Operation Surf ventures.  Jude beat Gary to the punch and told a great story on herself.  It was funny!!    See you next week!!
September 25, 2018
Meeting called to order by President Jude
Inspirational Message by Buddha read by Melissa
Pledge to the Flag led by Ryan
Visiting Rotarians:  Ray from Taft; Skip from Lake Oswego, Oregon; and Dan who is from Morro Bay and was a member of the Pismo 5 Cities Club
Visitors:  John Weiss brought Jeff Heller who is running for City Council, and Kerrigan, a friend of his.
Crab Feed meeting was held this morning;  we need to pick a date and get it on our calendars.
We still need a host family for Chiara, our exchange student from Italy.
Katherine said we are planning an evening social at the Brickhouse BBQ; we will be welcoming Chiara and saying a special good bye to Jan – we will keep you posted on the date.
President Jude said she had been on vacation and really missed all of us.  She talked a little about the Trafficking Summit and Opal.  She will have copies of Opal’s book, “Seduced” with her next week if someone would like to buy one.
Heidi came late and was fined $20; Ryan reminded us that he works at Pacific Premier Bank and has two children, one born just 2 months ago so we passed the pail to start a fund for her - we collected $109 which will be doubled by Ryan to start a savings account for baby Chloe.
On the 9th, Nick is having a Meet and Greet at the restaurant for John Weiss.  Nick was fined $20 - why?    John fined Gary Owens $10 - why?  I guess because they could… 
Jamie Boucher went to Arizona for their 35th Anniversary.  It was hot but they had a good time.    Congratulations!!   
John Weiss was our speaker today....talking about Peace Making within Rotary Clubs.  He is the Chairman of this effort within SLO County.  
Global Violence costs the world over 14 trillion dollars per year.  If we can address the basic needs of individuals, including food, water, education, health care, etc., it will reduce violence throughout the world.  Ken Stilts has been to Mexico to give dental care to people in villages where they are so grateful for the help.  Our District has a micro-lending project primarily with a focus on women, which is a great program to get people jobs so they can become self sufficient.  Rotary feeds the hungry, stocks food banks, encourages youth through exchanges, helps local veterans, supports free health clinics, mediates conflicts, and responds to disasters.   Our 72 Rotary Clubs have impacted our community in the amount of $3,500,000.  Jeff Jones is going to be our new Peace Chair, which goes hand-in-hand with his position in the Fire Service.   Rotary, with 1.2 million members and 35,000 clubs worldwide is in the unique position to do what no government has been able to do.  Thank you, John, for informing us about another way Rotary is enriching lives around the world.
50/50 won by Dave Owens who passed it on to Ryan for Chloe
Katherine Gillian is our new President Elect Nominee for the year of 2019/2020.
Tom Hay announced that, in October, wounded veterans will be coming to Morro Bay to surf with Amazing Surf Adventures.   He will be our program next Tuesday, speaking on that effort.
Jan Lewis wrote a note of resignation to our Club because she is selling her candy store and moving to Visalia where she will be opening a Sweet Offerings store downtown.  Jan, we appreciate all you have done to enrich our club - generously giving of your time, talents and, of course, yummy chocolates.  You have been the perfect Mrs. Claus.  We will stop in and visit you whenever we are in Visalia.    
SEPT 11th
MEETING called to order by President Jude
Invocation by Tom Hay especially remembering those in our group who have health issues and also a special prayer for our nation as we remember September 11th.
Pledge to the American Flag:   Greg Hardcastle....back after having back surgery.  Good to see you, Greg!!
Welcome back to Gary Englund who has been traveling for a few months.
Visiting Rotarians:   None today
Guests of Rotarians:  Firefighters Sam Watson (brand new fulltime Firefighter to Morro Bay) and Michael Kelly (promoted to Engineer Paramedic) brought by Chief Knuckles; Keith Taylor brought by Carla; Jeff Heller brought by John Weiss.
Jamie said we provided the Avo/Marg Festival with “just” enough volunteer hours – we made it by 1 hour and so earned our $5,000  - Yea!!!  Thanks to all who gave time and energy to this event. 
Mike Pond gave us an update on Chiara, our exchange student from Italy. 
This weekend is the Human Trafficking Summit at the Community Center; it’s sold out!!!  Also, Friday night is a Meet and Greet at the Inn at Morro Bay from 5:30-7:30pm; its a chance to meet Opal Singleton.  We will need help taking things down after the event on Saturday.  
We are dark next week because the golf course needs the room for an event.  There will be a board meeting Wed morning at the View at 7:30.
Fining time:  $20 each to anyone who wore something Rotary, protested by Nick but alas, it didn’t change the fine; Peter Starlings brought a chair to the Avo/Marg Festival so was asked to stand up and tell us about his trip to Kansas, he was fined $20. 
Nick Mendoza was presented with a special Rotary Recognition; Ken Casida was given a pin representing PHF’s - four gems; and, Ryan was presented with his permanent badge.  
Chief Knuckles and Mike Pond gave our presentation about September 11, 2001.  2996 people died that day; 343 of those were firefighters.  An additional 365 fire fighters have died since from effects of that day.  Peter Starlings and John Weiss both had family members who were close to being at ‘ground zero” on September 11, 2001.  Morro Bay had a prayer time at the center park a couple of days later.  It was good for our community to hear from our Fire Chief and others at this time; it was definitely a time of healing.  Mike Bonano had moved to Morro Bay from New York ... he lost two co-workers on that day.....and helped our station connect with the firemen in New York.
Mike and Steve were awarded “Be the Inspiration” pins as a thank you for their Thoughts on 9/11.
50/50 was won by Greg Hardcastle
Remember, next week is DARK......hope to see you on the 25th.
AUGUST 28, 2018
Meeting called to order by President Jude
Invocation by Melissa
Pledge to the American Flag by Ken Casida
Mike introduced our exchange student, Chiara who is from Italy.  He is still looking for a local host family and also drivers to take her back to her home in SLO after school.
There are still tickets available for the Taste of the Grove, Morro Bay’s Premier Food and Wine Tasting Experience, September 7th, the evening before the Avo/Marg Festival.
Katherine mentioned the September Mixer, on Sept. 12th, which will be at the Fraternal Order of the Eagles, at 2988 N. Main St.  There will be bbq sliders and pasta salad, beer and wine and a special speaker from the National Estuary program.  
For those volunteering for the Avo/Marg Festival, you will need to check in at the corner of Harbor and Embarcadero where you will get your tee shirt and further directions.
Mike and Jude went to Deepa’s fundraiser Saturday night.  The Syrah wine is excellent; if anyone wants to buy a bottle for $30.00 to support Pace Universal, please see Mike.
Next week the new DG, Sandi Schwartz, will be here.  There will be an informal Board meeting with her at 11:00 to introduce ourselves.  Jude still needs someone to play the guitar for 1/2 hour next Tuesday. 
Don and Doug brought Jack Keely to the front to bring him into our club.  He has been visiting for the past few months and we are very happy to have him join us.  He is a charter member of the Los Osos Rotary Club, and has been in this area for 51 years.
Jordan Ridge, last year’s outgoing exchange student, came up to share about her year in Germany.  She stayed with three host families in three different areas.  She said her host families were very kind and welcoming.  She went sailing for a week in the Netherlands, and celebrated Oktoberfest in Germany.  She also enjoyed skiing and playing in the snow.  It was a very positive experience for Jordan, and she had put together a beautiful and informative presentation.  She said she is very thankful to our club for the opportunity to go to Germany and surrounding countries.
Si Tenenberg, our special speaker today, was introduced by Doug.  Si is responsible for putting together the boxes that Doug brings to Rotary to be mailed to troops overseas.  Si has mailed 20,000 packages (40 to 50 boxes a week), all going to our servicemen and women.  He has helped over 400,000 of our combat troops.  They also send boxes to the bomb sniffing dogs, and toys and supplies for the Afghani children.  We have 50,000 troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.  Since the end of 2014, when we turned over all the security to the Afghan forces, Taliban strength has grown to 30,000.....we will be there a long time!!    We also have 7,000 troops in Africa, which is one of the places the boxes are sent.  Thank you Si, for your service to your country and your service to “your boys”.  
 No 50/50 today.....”someone” forgot to bring the tickets.  
The quote today was one from John McCain who passed away earlier this week.