August 21, 2018
Meeting called to order by President Jude
Invocation by:   Melissa
Pledge Allegiance to the American Flag led by Doug Riddell
Guest Rotarians:   Jill Drexhage
Guests of Rotarians:   Terri Bayus, who is the Coordinator for the Lighted Boat Parade, among other things. 
There was a Lighted Boat Parade meeting today and there will also be one next week at 11:00.   Come and join the committee for this fun event. 
DDS Check for $1,040.00 received for a Rotary Grant....thanks, Pete.
Deepa’s wine event this Saturday.....Mike will be going down and if you can’t go, but would like to support Pace Universal, Mike will bring back the wine for is $30.00/bottle
Our new exchange student has arrived from Italy.  We hope to have her at a meeting real soon.
Jamie said we have about 34 signed up to help with the Avo/Marg Festival......we still need 50 total.  If you have signed up, you should have gotten an email telling you where to go, who to see etc.  If you have friends or neighbors who would like to help this community effort, sign them up and bring them with you.  Contact  Jamie (805) 801-7162
Frank Martinez said Hi and would like to come to a meeting if possible.
Terri Bayus talked about the Central Coast Writers Conference which will be held at Cuesta College on September 27-29.  It is a conference with all levels of writing classes.....cost is $250 for the weekend.  Sounds like many exciting classes for those who are interested in writing.   Terri’s enthusiasm is contagious!
Our speaker, Robert Sachs, was introduced by Michael Shaffran.  
His main focus is Ayurveda, which is a system of medicine with historic roots in India.  Globalized and Modernized practices derived from Ayurveda traditions are a type of alternative medicine.  The purpose of this type of medicine is to keep people healthy and happy.  We may unhealthy because of Ignorance (lifestyle of coffee drinking etc.), Attachment (we like what we like) or Aggression (push back or stress).  Our lifestyle contributes to 90% of how we feel.  Exercise and diet are vitally important as well.....different kinds for different body types etc.  
Detoxification......could change your health.  Massage, hydro therapies, and acupuncture are also part of the program.  The program points out the strong connections between the mind, body and spirit. 
Robert and his wife, Melanie, live in Oceano and he has written several books, some of which he brought with him to sell.   
Next week will be Si Tenenberg, whose focus is what we can do to support our troops.  Si is always an interesting speaker and has greatly improved the lives of our military.
50/50 won by Mike Pond and passed on to the staff at the View.  Thanks for your generosity, Mike.
“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.”  Mahatma Gandhi.