Posted by Elsie Casida on Nov 19, 2018
November 13th
Jude opened the meeting....WE MAKE WAVES!!
Melissa gave the Inspirational Moment
Don led us in the Pledge to our Flag
In honor of Mike and Andrea Pond being married 36 years, Mike was fined $36… CONGRATULATIONS!!
John Weiss is going to Reno for a Rotary event...he expressed his thanks to the club for enabling him to participate.
John Weiss and John Headding met last week to discuss the situations going on in Morro Bay and to agree to work together to make this City even better. 
Matt Franklin passed around the signup sheet to ring the Salvation Army bell at Albertson's, please contact Matt if you’re able to help; we are responsible for Thursday’s (not including Thanksgiving)
We will have a Lighted Boat Parade Meeting at 11:00 before the next meeting on November 27th.  We still need help serving hot choc etc. the night of the parade.  Let Melissa, Jamie or Elsie know if you can help; it’s a really fun and easy way to get involved. 
Board of Directors meeting tomorrow at 730am at the Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room.
All our members who had served in the military stood up and told us where they had been stationed.  Thank you for Giving your Time in Service of Our Country.
Guests of Rotarians:  Judy introduced our speakers for today, Tony Wisneiwski and Jim Murphy, as well as Janice House who is a leader of the HONOR FLIGHT program for SLO County.  We also welcomed Janice’s husband, Stan; Jody from Garden House; Elsie’s friend, Cordelia, and John Weiss brought his dad, Dick Weiss. 
Last year, our Club donated $1500 to Honor Flight to sponsor one local veteran to go to Washington D.C. to visit the WWII, Korean, and Vietnam Memorials, as well as other points of interest.  The Honor Flight group in SLO County has taken over 240 veterans.  They will have a group of 50 men/women on each trip and go three times a year.  As applications come in,  the most elderly veterans are given priority.  Tony and Jim each shared what was the most amazing part of their trip.  They said wherever they went, they were treated with love and respect, causing these old vets to choke up.  They said the fire trucks spraying water across the tarmac as the plane went through, was very emotional.  Janice put out a call for “guardians” to go with someone that doesn’t have a family member to go.  Jack Keely was a guardian a couple of years ago and found the experience amazing.  They fly American Airlines out of SLO and a couple of times the group has missed the next flight because of delays.  When that has happened, American Airlines has arranged for them to go on a chartered flight, so they don’t have to wait in the airport for an available flight.   
50/50 won by Heidi and given to Chiara to add to her train trip jar.
Doug Garland is the speaker at the next meeting.   His topic will be “The Tall Poppy Issue”.  (google it, its not about the flower)