Posted by Elsie Casida on Nov 04, 2018
Morro Bay Rotary Club Meeting
October 30, 2018
Meeting called to order by President Jude
Invocation by:  Tom Hay
Pledge to our Flag by:  Lorraine
Guests of Rotarians:   Katherine Gillen brought her friend, Amber Clark, who is a new Chamber Member and the Manager of the Masterpiece Hotel.
Good to see Rick Grantham, who along with his wife, Claire, and three dogs are moving to Poulsbo, Washington.  Claire is recovering from recent back surgery, and Rick has just had hip replacement surgery so they are in great shape to go to Washington where their kids “can take care of them” from now on.
Tonight is a social at the Brickhouse BBQ to meet and greet Chiara and celebrate with Jan on her move back to Visalia.
Elsie was fined $20 for the “Fake News” in last week’s bulletin, where she stated that Chuck Clarke is a Dodgers fan, but in fact, he is a diehard Boston Red Sox fan.  Sorry Chuck. 
Pete, wearing a Father of the Bride tee shirt, gave a run down of the wedding of his daughter last weekend.   
Our speakers, Karen and Claudia with Pacific Wildlife Care thanked us for our gift of lights to them, which was important so the care givers can check on birds without disturbing them.  The first animal was Ginger, a female common barn owl.  She will have only one or two owlets per year; she eats mice, rats, rabbits etc.   It is important that people do not use rat poison since it can be ingested and cause great harm to the birds.    They will hunt in an area of 12,000 acres, and they are okay with several of them hunting in one area.
The next guest bird was CORAX, a male common raven.  They have had him since he was just a baby bird, the only survivor in a nest of four birds that was found on the ground.  Ravens will call in the big predators to kill the prey and then they can eat off the same animal.  Ravens are very smart and can learn to imitate sounds and words.  They are wonderful flyers, fun to watch, and they love to do acrobatics.  Ravens have a reputation of coming around when there is death, which has been true sometimes in the past – for example, during the black plague, or executions when they came in after a death to do the cleanup.  Pacific Wildlife Care is the only wildlife rehabilitation organization in SLO County licensed by US Fish and Wildlife and every year they provide treatment to between 2,000 and 3,000 birds, land mammals, and reptiles that are injured, orphaned, sick or starving.  This is always a great presentation!!  Thanks to the Wildlife staff for coming and sharing.   Claudia closed with a quote from Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven”.   
50/50 drawing won by Heidi.
Next week’s speaker will be Daniel Bronstein sharing his vision for the Boy Scouts USA.